1. pedelmaster

    Coleman B200R engine swap - Honda GX390

    I'm a beginner to minibikes and generally have limited mechanical knowledge of engines (but youtube and google are a great resource as well as this site and i learn more every day). I was thinking in the future to do an engine swap on my Coleman B200R (or even an RT100, although its probably not...
  2. markus

    addition to: Advice for hooking up your Tecumseh Carb / Throttle Linkage on Small H

    just an addition to already posted "sticky" thread on throttle hookup for the small frame sized 2.5-5hp sized mini bike engines: Its not noted in the thread and I have seen it in the...
  3. Mrknobblies

    Should I buy it? Any advice welcome

    Hey guys, extremely new to the forum as well as the world of mini bikes, was actually pleasantly surprised to find there was a whole crazy community out there that loves and knows a bunch about them! I want to getting into a small hobby to keep me occupied and thought this would be a good place...
  4. L

    New Member, Some advice greatly appreciated!

    Hello All! I am new to mini bikes and this forum. I have been told this is the place to go for guidance and a good support system if getting into the hobby. I have no experience in building mini bikes but would really like to build one from a kit. A problem I may have is that i am 6 ft tall...
  5. S

    1972 Speedway Super Spyder Found Original and complete need advice

    Hello everyone, I'm a new member and I haven't completely got this site figured out yet so I wasn't able to post any pics. The reason I joined is because I recently purchased a 1972 Speedway Super Spyder in great original condition with a DMV title. This bike does have a headlight, taillight...
  6. J

    Benelli Volcano Advice

    anybody know how the gas tank on a Benelli Volcano is attached to the frame at the rear? Thanks Jeremy
  7. RenoMiniBike

    In need of “Big Blue” dimensions and advice

    Hello All, I am in the process of rebuilding a 1972(ish) JCPenney “Big Blue” mini bike and need some dimensions and advice from the collective. 1. Front Finder: - How long is the original fender? - How far from the front of the finder to where it was tack welded to the front forks? 2...
  8. lostinbaja

    Need a little advice on my HS50 carb.

    I'm in the process of cleaning up and painting a HS50 for my JC Penneys/Bird Mini. The question I have is can I plug the nipple for the primer? Will the bike start and run OK without the primer?
  9. J

    Western flyer advice please

    I have a western flyer ss400 that I'm working on and can't really find anything on replacing the bent front forks. Can anyone maybe point me in right direction or give me advice. Thanks.
  10. R

    69 Rupp Roadster chain advice

    Hi all. After doing a search for "Rupp chain", I've looked through about 30 posts and can't find what I'm looking for. My son and I are restoring a Roadster I had as a kid. It's currently a basket case and I'm trying to buy up all the parts we'll need to put it together when the ice melts...
  11. S

    Throttle cable adjuster advice needed

    Hello: Looking for advice on where to get a throttle cable adjuster (with the jam nut) to fit the OldMiniBikes R261 cable that I want to order. Going to be using it with my NOS Odeon twist grip. Don't really see the adjuster I want on the Warehouse site. I'm a little unsure of the size as I don't...
  12. F

    MiniBike Newbie - advice on first time build plans

    . Hi all - Congratulations on a great site you have here - I've just joined as a member and am really looking forward to contributing in some small way....... Some advice for a newbie if you will please.... Im looking for advice on plans to use for a first time build - I'm new to MiniBikes...
  13. C

    early 70's mini bike need some help and advice

    Hey everyone this is my first time posting on here about a year ago I bought this mini bike from a guy on Craigslist. I went to go look at it for the motor to put on a go kart project I have however I started to like the mini bike when I saw it and it had a cool story so i decided not to take...
  14. Doc1976

    Any electricians here? need advice

    looking to install a sub panel to my attached garage. planning on 100 amps. Will be adding circuits for welder, lighting, misc power tools. 100 amps may be a little more than needed right now but room for expanding later would be smart. I am planning to run from the main breaker box up the...
  15. Ruppelstiltskin

    Rupp Torque Converter Advice

    So on my 72-75 Hustler, it's running the factory TC1 parts on a Honda GC160. Was having issues firstly with something hanging up and clunking on hard throttle at low speed. I lubed up the shaft on the driven and I think it freed it up some and seems to knock out 95% of the clunking. So I was...
  16. S

    Advice on great gx200 engine builder

    I have a gx200 with 2.756 wiseco piston and rod, ambush flywheel isky 310 cam, big valve gx200 head,duel white springs, gage 1.2 rollers,28mm mikuni carb. On race gas. I can not get motor to rev past 5500 rpms. I have tryed everything I know. Now its time to send it to a professional. So please...
  17. S

    Predator 212 build advice

    Looking for some quick advice on my predator 212cc build. So far the only things ive done is billet flywheel, Spark plug, and removed the governor. I want to do header pipe, air intake, and carb next. Can my rod handle this? the engine is on a mini bike and it is not being used to race on track...
  18. N

    Need advice with the rear axle

    I hope the picture I tried to attach shows up, but I'm having trouble with my rear axles on this mini bike I just got thru a trade on craigslist, I replaced the tub in the back tire and replace the to bearings in the wheel and now the bolts keep coming a little loose and I don't want to really...
  19. 2SlickNick

    Db tire selection advice

    Hey everyone, Just wanted some input or info on a better tire selection. The tire will be for rear wheel doodlebug . I am going to order a rib tire, because I have those in the past and had good experience with those. I will 90% of the time be riding on the road . I want to...
  20. FOMOGO

    Need a Briggs experts advice on a short crankshaft

    I have a good 4 horse Briggs that came off a tiller. I am going to put it on my CAT 250X that I am piecing together. I plan to paint and detail it and add the 3HP stickers so that it looks "correct". It has the correct diameter shaft but it is a little short. I don't remember how much... I will...