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    New torque converter installed.
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  3. 20210122_170400.jpg


  4. 20190718_194903.jpg


    Engine assembly
  5. 20190519_140333.jpg


    Assembling the "Herbie" minibike.
  6. 20190518_185200.jpg


    Progress during assembly
  7. 20190518_170537.jpg


    Starting assembly
  8. drenchedgremlin

    Tecumseh mini bike linkage assembly hookup?

    I am hooking up a new linkage kit for my tecumseh h35. I am confused by the spot where the cable tip connects. I have circled the part in the picture, that im referring to. A few bolts and nuts camew with the assembly but not sure what they are for, if i try to use them to lock the cable down...
  9. J

    1973 Harley x-90 front wheel assembly question

    Hello I just picked up a x90 mini bike the front wheel assembly was apart I'm trying to put it back together but can't figure out how the spacers ,speedo drive assembly ,washers go -any help would be greatly appreciated -thanks
  10. J

    wanted Keystone (TAS Motor) fuel pet-cock assembly

    I am in need of a fuel filter petcock assembly for a TAS 50cc 3 hp keystone (red and black). Northern Ontario
  11. Zooming993

    WTB Simplex Mark II Rear Sprocket Assembly

    I'm Looking for either a 60 or 72 tooth sprocket for a Simplex Mark II Go Kart. It would be great if the sprocket is in usable condition but I will also consider a sprocket with worn teeth, I can use the hub. Thanks
  12. Sixpac440

    WTB Bonanza sprocket and brake drum assembly for 6" Go-Powers

    My brother beekeeper (Tom) is looking for a Bonanza sprocket and brake drum assembly for 6" Go-Powers .. doesn't have to be perfect, just function as it should .. Thanks Kevin
  13. Hemibrad

    Wanted Victor Brake Drum Assembly

    Wanted Victor brake drum assembly. This drum assembly is used with an ASTRO or tabloc 5 spoke wheel assembly. These were typically used on the Barris bikes and others. It should be three pieces includes a wheel adapter, a 4.25 inch cup and the brake housing holding the brake pads and arm...
  14. AJaxMini

    Limtco Brake drum assembly for a Stellar

    I'm in need of a Limtco brake drum plate or assembly to complete the wheels for my Stellar Black Beauty. If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it. Cash or trade (if I have something you need). Please PM if you have something. Thank you. A.J.
  15. Midyrman

    Bonanza Bendix Brake Assembly

    Looking for a used original Bendix rear drum brake 5 inch diameter. Any condition is ok as long as the inner components are all there. Thank you. Tom
  16. markus

    2 speed clutch and jackshaft assembly

    very lightly used Comet 2 speed assembly, along with Max Torque 2 speed clutch (3/4" crank) Both have the same amount of use, not much at all. Jackshaft is 8.5" long (take off from a Rupp C350 as we put it back to factory setup-non jackshaft/direct) Very clean, j/s support bearings even feel...
  17. 1stBxMopar

    FOX Headlight Assembly and Harness

    Headlight/tailight assembly with harness and handle bar switch. tail light is missing the lens. (headlight and taillight have Fox tags).....$45. shipped
  18. C

    HS-40 Breather Assembly Q

    I don't have any experience with small block Tecumsehs so need a little hand-holding here. Is the breather housing one piece or two? Just looking to replace the element and it appears pulling it out of the narrow slot is not correct. Also, the housing gasket looks to be sandwiched rather than...
  19. Daniel Coop

    GoPower 72? tooth sprocket and brake assembly

    Looking for 6" GoPower wheel 72? tooth sprocket and brake assembly! If I can't find them the wheels are available.
  20. L

    NOS Kelsey Hayes Brake Assembly for Lil Indian

    NOS Kelsey Hayes Brake Assembly for Century Series Lil Indian. $400.00 + shipping 248-628-0261