1. Mrknobblies

    Stage 1 performance kit and pipe bending??

    Hey all, recently purchased a stage 1 performance kit and had a couple questions, ive installed a few of the items in the kit already but was wondering what the rod with the thread at both ends (pictured) was for? I couldn't seem to find it in the description. The other thing is the header pipe...
  2. electra_boogaloo

    fender bending?

    so it's come time to mount the fenders on my franken-warrior. i have the original fenders. they're kind of beat up but still solid. i was originally going to cut the fender to make it look cooler but since i've been riding in the yard (and doggo poops) i've decided that instead of trimming the...
  3. jdogg

    Bending brass valve stems

    Is it possible and what is the best way to go about it? I have a solid rim with a tubless tire that always leaks a little at the bead and cant see or feel any reason for the leak and if I dont keep an eye on it it deflates and I loose the bead seal! Ratchet strap trick has not worked for me even...
  4. C

    ProMod jackshaft bending

    I have bent the alum plate a couple times and wondering if anyone else has this problem. I ride my DB30 pretty hard I suppose, because I have also busted the chords on the tires too. The 1st time I noticed it was bent, I removed it from the engine and straightened it in a vise. The alum...
  5. yay468

    Pipe Bending Question

    Hello all. I'm new to all of this. I just got a welder, and im looking into building a minibike. I have an engine laying around and other materials. My question is, how would I go about bending steel? The plans suggest 7/8 steel tubing with an .085 wall thickness. Could I cut out a wood...
  6. Kacz

    How are you all bending the bars on new style DB30s?

    Well I've checked out a ton of threads and pictures and I am still not sure how I want to do this for my new DB 30. I've narrowed it down to using a conduit bender that I could get at the home depot for $30 or a distant 2nd would be driving the forks around to a couple shops to see if anyone has...
  7. mrpat

    Bending a set of handle bars.

    Hi gang, I recently picked up a used Azusa minibike and am not happy with the handle bars. They are the type that are straight and they hit my knees when i ride. Has anyone ever bent their handlebars outward? If so, how did you do it? I have seen Azusa handlebars that were already bent...
  8. Cap'n kanuckles

    Bending bent forks into shape

    What the best way to bend bent fork straight?If you use heat does it weaken the forks?Any help would be great.
  9. T

    New Frame Doodle - Handlebar Bending

    Hi everyone! First- this is a great forum for mini owners and builders. I have found all kinds of great info about the subject. Wish there was more on the new frame doodle though. Just did the HF 6.5 swap on the new doodle...interesting project, not too dificult even with the new "smaller"...
  10. zeeman

    recoil spring bending

    Does anyone have a good technique for bending a starter recoil spring? Just as I was going to put it on, it broke on one end. I need to know if I have to temper the steel, does heat help, will it stay in shape, etc.? Thanks.
  11. Street Smart

    bending handle bars

    i just got another project bike. I`m not comfortable with the handlebars straight back, i`d like them to lean forward abit. is there a common way to accomplish that and have it look proper?
  12. Cotmullion

    Bar bending

    I want to build a simple, scrub brake for my scratch build, but I would like to have a bend rather than a weld, as it is smarter and less of a weak spot. How would you go about bending a 5/8 inch bar, or what sort of company or dealership would do it for me?
  13. N

    Tube Bending

    How do you guys bend your tubing? I noticed that HF has a "pipe" bender on sale for 69.99. The owner's manual was laying along side of it and I decided to Evelyn Wood speed read it. There's a warning in broken English in the manual concering the possiblity that the bender may kink or split the...