1. Hemibrad

    Wanted Vintage Chopper Minibikes Parts and Projects

    Wanted George Barris Minibikes complete or parts. Looking for California chopper, Trike, Flamer. Super Stocker, Mini Dragger bikes. Complete or Parts wanted dead or alive. Also any production information and / or engineering plans. Also seeking vintage original chopper minbikes including...
  2. jwitt

    Todays score

    Every so often I post a "Wanted" ad. on Criegslist. Sometimes it pays off but most times not. Here is what I picked up today. A green Cat with a FUBAR'ed front end. The red one is pretty decent, (Bird?). A Tecumseh edger motor and a GX160 Honda. All for 80 bucks. Jim
  3. Manco Big Cat

    Manco Big Cat

    Manco Big Cat
  4. 1stBxMopar

    Cat Clutch Cover

    Anyone wanna try and predict what this is gonna sell for.......... Vintage Cat Mini Bike Clutch Cover | eBay
  5. B

    Cat Slingshot difference X and X350?

    Can someone tell me the difference between a Cat X3 and a Cat X350 Slingshot? Did they come with options? Engine size options? Which is worth more the blue or green X3? Just curious Thanks in advance, Greg D
  6. slywilliez

    1970 Cat HPE Slingshot

    I am selling my Cat sling shot that I bought awhile ago but never got around to it. The slingshot is a great survivor but will need some TLC. The Good, original motor has spark and good compression, NOS muffler too. Bike has the original chain guard and mounting brackets, complete rear disc...
  7. B

    Wtb cat pats

    Looking for a kickstand ,clutch cover. Thanks
  8. bikebudy

    CAT 250X decals

    22.00 each decal set, Shipped All on chrome 2.00 US discount off each extra decal in your order.
  9. bikebudy

    Other CAT decals

    5.00 US each decal, Shipped all on White 2.00 US Discount off each extra decal ordered.
  10. bikebudy

    CAT 400X decal Set

    22.00 US for each set Shipped all decals on chrome 2.00 US discount off each extra decal in your order.
  11. bikebudy

    Cat Eliminator decal Set

    26.00 US for the set shipped all decals on chrome
  12. bikebudy

    CAT Slingshot Decal Set

    30.00 US Shipped each, 2 sets up for now all decals are on chrome 2.00 US discount off each extra decal in your order.
  13. Fatboy04

    Scat Cat

    I'm looking at a Scat Cat that I have been told it was used by Shriner's. The decal is on the inside of the fork plate. Does that make sense or not ? Have not bought it yet,so no pictures. THANKS for any information. The guy also has a mini bike with suspension and has a knob between the handle...
  14. T

    Scat cat ,trail rider,keystone or grand prix

    I have no idea with one this is would like to find proper wheels.......and info on it thanks
  15. M

    Arctic Cat Ramrod engine help

    Does anyone know what size the carb is and is it a mikuni, also is there other bikes with this carb I could use ? It's the Kawasaki 98 cc 2 stroke engine... Thanks...
  16. AboveUpNorth

    I think it's a HPE/Muskin Cat Dominator?

    I think it's a HPE/Muskin Cat Dominator? What do you think? I'm picking it up tomorrow. I first thought it was an Eliminator, but it has the fuel tank and front shocks. Wrong seat....missing the chain guard as well... Hopefully some one can turn me on to a decal link....I'd love to restore...
  17. cfrewilly

    wanted 1 Cat wheel star

    I need one Cat wheel star painted or not, please include price and shipping via pm. Thanks C
  18. T

    Cat Dominator

    Here is a Cat I picked up a while back. Its waiting in the wings to be restored.
  19. S

    Cat fenders

    Looking for front and rear fenders for a Cat 400TS. They don't need to be show quality, just usable. Thanks for looking. Let me know what you got! :thumbsup:
  20. K

    wtb cat 400 rims

    got a cat 400 but no rims. i got cash if u in the pnw