1. B

    WTB "Needle in the Haystack" Trail Horse Chopper mini bike Top $ paid.

    WTB "Needle in the Haystack" Trail Horse Chopper Top $ paid. Would like complete bike. Either original, restored or complete project. Other Make or Model chopper? What do you have? I'm interested. Please email @ Thanks, BBT
  2. Hemibrad

    Wanted Vintage Chopper Minibikes Parts and Projects

    Wanted George Barris Minibikes complete or parts. Looking for California chopper, Trike, Flamer. Super Stocker, Mini Dragger bikes. Complete or Parts wanted dead or alive. Also any production information and / or engineering plans. Also seeking vintage original chopper minbikes including...
  3. C

    Bonanza Chopper ID plate

    I'm rebuilding a 1969 Bonanza Chopper and am trying to find the rectangular ID plate (original or re-pop) that rivets to the front of the engine plate. Can anyone help?
  4. bonanzag

    Tecumseh shop tech needed in central FL

    Hey guys, Ive got a Bonanza chopper with a HS40 Tecumseh with several problems. What I need is to find someone in the central Florida area that could assess and do any recommended work including rebuild if necessary. It runs but lacks power. Throttle linkage is messed up and fuel leaking from...
  5. T

    Powerdyne rail chopper rear fender

    Hello. Needing a rear fender for my next project, including the bracket from bottom of seat to fender. I have other brands of parts to trade or cash. Thanks in advance.
  6. S

    Wacki Chopper

    I've had this Wacki Chopper for 16 years. Just decided to put it together. Anyone have seat or gas tank hit me up. Thanks SSROCK NC
  7. novadose74

    trade for super rare Fox chopper forks/ARCO EZ rider front end

    Hi everyone. I'm looking the front forks for my ARCO EZ rider chopper. As you can see, I have an EXTREMELY rare Fox chopper front end on it now. I'm willing to trade that front end for the EZ rider front forks. If you have by some miracle, a Fox chopper frame lying around, I would like to buy it...
  8. F

    WTB JCpenny cat duster chopper mini bike

    Looking to buy 1972? Duster chopper.thanks jimmy 256-682-7221
  9. B

    Wanted: CAT rear fender for Hustler/ Duster chopper. Thanks.

    Wanted: CAT rear fender for Hustler/ Duster chopper. Thanks. Would like a nice complete fender. Please PM me with cost and photo. Will pay for correct piece. White fender from a S&S chopper and you would be my Hero! Lol. Thank you for any help or info.
  10. S

    StevieRay's - 69 Bonanza Chopper - (Just For Fun)

    1969 Bonanza Chopper - Just For Fun Class This was my Christmas present in 1969. I started customizing around 1973 but never finished. It was stored in my Mom's attic for 40+ years until she passed away. Thanks everyone for the inspiration! Stevie Ray
  11. Shawn Stunna

    Shawn Stunna's - Custom Mini Chopper - (Just For Fun)

    Much left to do. Here it is so far.
  12. gammatg

    Powerdyne rail chopper

    I picked up this Powerdyne Rail Chopper roller about 3 or 4 weeks ago of Craigslist. I recomoved the tin splash guard someone had attached on the frame and filled the holes. I broke it all down and cleaned the chrome the best as I could. The rear fender is supposed to be chrome but it was...
  13. Dr. Shop Teacher

    CL Homemade Chopper

    I only ask one question...........why??? Custom Minibike
  14. T

    Sensation chopper

    Here's a Sensation chopper I thought I would share, it's 95% original, I completely disassembled it and hand cleaned every part, I think it came out pretty good, I hope you like it.
  15. A

    Where can i get APC Chopper parts?

    I have a 80s APC Chopper and it needs new signals and rear brake where can i get them?
  16. Raskin

    CL..chopper frame looks like would be flexuous....just thought interesting death trap..:eek:
  17. gammatg

    What kind of chopper is this?

  18. Itype2slo

    Pretty Cool Chopper

    Saw This On CL thought it was a Fuglidyne but its not, Kinda cool.
  19. K

    Cat duster chopper or jc penney chopper

    Looking for a cat duster chopper or penneys chopper roller or complete does not need to be in perfect condition thanks
  20. Mark G

    Spare parts: Manco Chopper

    I threw together this bike this past fall, mostly out of used and spare parts. Picked up the frame at a spring swap meet, it was just the frame, shocks and sissy bar. I later found the seat from the same seller, although he made me pay extra for it. It had overspray all over it, but I was able...