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    Decal design
  2. Minibike design.jpg

    Minibike design.jpg

    3-D designing progress.
  3. TheDullCarbide

    4 Speed Jackshaft Design

    I'm not sure if someone already thought of this one, but I thought I might as well get a laugh out of it. I dreamt this up a few years ago. Hope this diagram makes sense: J P A T C O K ---~~~~~~~== Fourth...
  4. Racer

    Mini Plans Sports Car Body/Frame Design

    Finally came up with a good design to meet all goals. This Mini Plans is a downsizing of full scale car. Suitable for driving around big empty parking lots with cones for race track. Just simple get together car event. Anybody interested? I am looking into making a site on Github. So will...
  5. Screen_Shot_2014-06-19_at_10_01_54_PM


    Jerry Mack Gasoline Rat -build in progress
  6. J

    Correct air cleaner design for Rupp H50

    Hello, anyone know which type of air cleaner cover was used on the 1969 Rupp H50? Thanks, Joe
  7. H

    Very old scooter design

    A friend sent me this photo. It doesn't appear home built, or if it was, it was a pretty good design job.
  8. O

    What are these aluminium wheels from?

    Found these on ebay for $200 haha. I really wanna know what minibikes came with them. They are small and I actually like the simple design of them.
  9. jeep4me

    Brister's Design & Manufacturing minibike

    Picked this bike up this morning before work at a garage sale. It's labeled as a Brister's Design and Manufacturing minibike, but it's basically a Murray Track2 only a little bigger. Runs, all be it rough. Needs a good carb cleaning. Came with the owners manual.
  10. Itype2slo

    Interesting design

    Before the can am spider.3 wheel mini wharehouse bike
  11. OND

    Looking for 6" Rear Tire (Steet Tread)

    I'm looking for a 6" rear tire for a build project , I've got a 13x5-6 tire on it now and it is the right size...just don't like the tread design. Any body got a street type tread? Or know where I can get one ?
  12. capguncowboy

    HS40 shroud

    I need a shroud for my rupp build. The one I have is cracked along the front edge where it overlaps the head. I have an ID plate that I'm going to transfer over, so it doesn't need to have it. It does need to be a round-shroud design (1970). I think the H35 shrouds would work as well. I'd prefer...
  13. ArcticMinibike

    Not Your Typical Sebac Shock - Disassembly and Identification of Specific Application

    I picked up a set of Sebacs recently that were not of the usually minibike variety. I'm assuming they might be from a moped. Can anyone confirm? They are the same length as the common minibike variety, about 13" but have a different eye casting design on each end. They are genuine Sebac brand...
  14. firemarshal71

    Fm71's OldMiniBikes-15 scratch-build step-thru chopper

    After a brief period off, I am back and ready to build another bike. My son, Rob (age 10), was the one who inspired me and took an interest in wanted to build something new. He asked me if we could build a large scale stand-up style scooter similar to a razor design but we settled and...
  15. S

    Introduction . . .

    Hello All ! ! ! I'm glad I found this forum . . . I live in the Baton Rouge, LA area . . . I currently do not have a mini bike of any type. Like most, I really wanted one when I was a kid. That was 50 years ago. :laugh: In years past I have owned a couple Harleys, but never a mini...
  16. ShapeShifter

    Springer Front End Fab for My 212 Monster

    I have been modifying a MonsterMoto MMB80. I installed the "big block" and added a torque converter which required some modification to the frame. I love the little bike so much I decided to make some suspension. It's just a simple springer design. I made all the pieces and next...
  17. B

    Doodlebug problems ?

    Every now and then I read on threads about Doodlebugs having problems and they should be removed from the market. I am talking about the older ones of course. I believe there is not enough data on the new ones.I really can't find definite reasons why. Does anyone know these reasons, or is it...
  18. T-Town Mini

    Cool Design

  19. Timmahhhhh

    Mystery Bike #40!!!

    This one's on Ebay right now......I cannot bid on it because I just bought a new car.....Just curious as to what it is-looks like a nice design. Thanks for any replies.
  20. viki

    New Site Design on

    Hey everyone, Check out the new design on - Replacement Mini Bike, Go-Kart & Small Engine Parts. We're still working on it and will be adding a lot more to it in the coming weeks, but it's totally functional now and quite a bit faster. - Replacement Mini...