Fm71's OldMiniBikes-15 scratch-build step-thru chopper

After a brief period off, I am back and ready to build another bike. My son, Rob (age 10), was the one who inspired me and took an interest in wanted to build something new. He asked me if we could build a large scale stand-up style scooter similar to a razor design but we settled and compromised on another chopper with a step-through design that could also function as a stand up ridden scooter. We have some repairs we need to complete around the house first but hope to get started on this in early Feb when the tubing and some other raw materials arrive. Posting some pictures of the design we came up with and some of the pile-'o-parts we have laying in multiple places. Thanks for finding a way to bring a new/young fellow into this hobby. This site has changed so much while I was away, I can't seem to find the button I used to post pictures so if they don't come out as full size, I apologize.


Thank you all, this is going to be a great father/son project. For a wheelbase- short as possible. We attempted a mockup and it was about 60" on centers. The sketches proportions are slightly skewed and meant as a general perspective. I was away And in between a job change working on my CPA. Lots of exciting builds happening this year and I couldn't bear to sit this one out
Still working on refining the design and brought the wheelbase down to about 45". Pics of current concept, tubing gets delivered on Wednesday and a waiting for a 7/8 die from JD2

Can't seem to get any of my uploaded pictures to posts but this one. Got both lower frame rails bent and a quick mock up.
Tomorrow will let the boy try a hand at welding when we add the cross sections.
Now this is a bike that will change some mind sets. I think it will be a top contender of all the builds if not the best overall. May even want to build some extra frames to sale.
Bent up a couple other pieces and still trying to find some time to weld them up. Overall, I'm satisfied with the design and proportions. Still waiting on my 7/8 die to make the forks.