1. PacMule

    WTB Doodle Bug 1st generation

    Looking to buy local as a roller or with the little engine it comes with.
  2. R

    Small problems with Baja Bug

    So I got this Bug with a torque converter and junk, and its a world of difference compared to a centrifugal clutch. But one of the problems I have with it is that the rear tire is very hard to push when it has the little brass bushing. I added some dielectric grease where the bushing makes...

    Baja doodle bug mini bike

    Hello, I am looking for a BAJA DOODLE BUG MINI BIKE. A complete or a roller would be perfect. Located in Levittown, Pa if anyone has anything local. Thank you.
  4. W

    New Guy with a Doodle Bug

    Hello everyone, new guy here with a Doodle Bug mini bike. My father picked up this project from a friend and I've been tasked with getting it together. It had a bad engine and a new predator 79cc engine to go in. Has anyone used the Predator 79 engine in one of these before?
  5. P

    knobby tires for doodle bug

    Hi guys: New guy to mini bikes. Found a cheap d30 and bought it... I want to replace tires without wheel change and I want it to be "short" and old school looking and suitable for off road running. I will rig 212 cc on this thing. What tire size and brand do you guys think...
  6. K

    Hiawatha Doodle Bug

    Hi looking for handlebars and a front fender for a Doodle Bug. Thanks !
  7. T

    13 hp doodlebug rebuild. The doodle demon

    I've had this doodlebug for 10 years now. I bought it new and after a few months I put a 6.5 predator (greyhound at the time) aside from mutilating the engine plate, throwing a can of flat black paint on it ,a couple sets of tires,and no brakes ( immediately burnt up) that's how I ran it for...
  8. D

    baja doodle bug 97cc DB30s ( help Needed)

    Hello to all, My name is DJ Need some help, first time dealing with a minibike and dont know much. I have a Doodle bug Baja 97cc, DB30s and its missing the complete rear tire. Have tried to make this a retirement project but dont even know were to start. i know this much from doing some...
  9. maknwar

    Project doodle bug

    So I picked this up cheap and it has a Briggs 206cc on it. Can anyone tell me about it? Trying to decide if I should rebuild it or put a predator on it. The left foot peg is also broken off. Trying to decide if I should cut the other one off or fix it to original condition...
  10. Oldscool

    doodle bug clutch and chain questions

    Do i need a #35 clutch.? Stock rear sprocket is good. I'm not sure about the sizing on chains , sprockets and clutches. Thanks
  11. Toominibikes

    Doodle Bug frame

    I have a Doodle bug frame that I got thinking one day I would restore. Well one day looks way too far in the future. I would like to sell this bike. Im thinking I have 200 in it and thats what I would like to get out of it. Thanks
  12. V

    wtb doodle bug rear rim

    wtb doodlebug rear rim with disk brake. not a drum brake rim.
  13. V

    anyone. rear suspension doodle bug

    anyone have a rear swing arm suspension doodlebug i already converted the front to motovox mb11 forks with doodlebug bars.
  14. A

    Baja Doodle bug 97cc carb/governor problem

    I know this has been asked more than once but I can't seem to get this engine to run right. I bought this doodle bug on Craig list and the guy I bought it from said it ran before he took the carb off. He gave me the old carb and linkage in a plastic bag. I put a new carb on it and put the...
  15. xr7gt

    Fox doodle bug

    Nice little doodle bug Seat has been replaced with a new one since these pictures were taken. Carb has been rebuilt but I could not get it to run properly. $350 I will ship at your expense. Text 951-751-7232
  16. Raskin

    my Doodle Bug

    This is my Baja doodle bug ..CL find $200 original 97cc 2.5 flathead,even tires...put jackshaft kit on i'm 190 lbs .estimate 8.5 to 1 gearing speed est. 15 mph ..silly fun...I ride on my lawn..wanted it to be old school cruiser look..
  17. L

    Rear doodle bug rim wanted

    Looking for complete rear rim, brake disc, with rear axle and spacers.. Please post or pm me thank you
  18. james ackerman

    Doodle bug engine question.

    I just got a doodlebug frame and the engine mount holes won't line up to a briggs or tecumseh. Why is this, what otors did they take.
  19. D

    530/450 x 6 Tire on a Doodle Bug?

    Has anyone ever tried the subject tire size on a DB30? Seems like it would fit on the stock rim. Wondering if there would be clearance issues with the brake caliper. Pics would be great, too. Thanks, Dusty
  20. T

    Doodle rat

    Craigs list doodlebug . I really wanted suspension on this doodlebug. The seat was pretty much garbage. Trying to make it a more comfortable ride. When it came time for paint I was really attracted to the rat Rod brown. So this is my interpretation of a doodle rat mini. This is my second...