1. L.skynrd

    Will lighting coil and work on this engine?

    Hello everyone. I recently blew the original engine on my Baja warrior. I removed the flywheel, lighting coils and ignition coils. I want to know if the flywheel from the old engine will work on the new one. The current engine I am using is a power fist 212cc, and it appears to be similar to a...
  2. Kartman01

    Terra Hilltopper/1100 - Can Anyone Identify Who Manufactured The Healight/Taillight?

    I am trying to source a replacement headlight and taillight assembly for a 1970 Terra Hilltopper/1100. The bike in the photos is not mine (unfortunately!) but are the best photos I can find of the headlight and taillight. I'm assuming there were a handful of companies minibike manufacturers...
  3. 20210606_125844.jpg


  4. 20201105_132201.jpg


    Kepspeed led headlight will be replaced with this headlight of a Puch moped.
  5. D

    Nos ap4600 sae-m67 headlight

    I got a NOS headlight from an authorized dealer buy out, ive figured out that these go to bonanzas and powell mini bikes, possibly to scat kitty, can anyone else tell me what these came on?


    Bonanza AP-4600 SAE-M67 headlight
  7. Midyrman

    WTB: Bonanza Headlight

    Looking for a complete Bonanza headlamp for BC model. Thanks.
  8. G

    Baja Headlight

    I've got a baja that I'd like to get a headlight for. I want one that looks like a proper headlight that preferably mounts like the baja lights used to. My baja is powered by a Predator, so I want a battery powered light. Do I have any options out there that meet the above. If not...
  9. capguncowboy

    68-69 Rupp parts, Brakes, Headlight, Shocks

    I've got a ton of stuff I'm trying to get rid of. All prices include shipping, or I can deliver to Windber. None of these parts have been cleaned, so they're dirty. I can send more pictures via Text -- all you've gotta do is ask. Rupp Rear brake caliper with foot lever and complete axle...
  10. gammatg

    Speaker Headlight Fits Arctic Cat, Gilson, Wards, AC, Herters

    Speaker Headlight that came off of a Arctic Cat Ramrod. The A.C. hardware is still on it. 3 cracks in the ring. Chrome has some wear as shown on pictures. I've never tested the headlight, but the filament is still together. The connection at the end of the wiring is missing as shown. $80...
  11. gammatg

    Wanted: Bonanza BC1300 headlight

    Looking for a bonanza correct headlight for my bc1300. It doesn't have to be nice and shiny. It's going on an original paint bike. Pm me if you might have something. Thanks!
  12. B

    mb165 headlight assy, tensioner, clutch

    Anyone modding out their mini baja looking to get rid of these parts? I know many people are doing a torque converter, my clutch and tensioner are bad. Also my headlight assembly is missing. Lemme know thanks
  13. Thad

    Speaker headlight bucketand a taillight complete for a herters bike.

    Speaker model 5570 Headlight bucket with rubber no internals small ding ( thowing it in). Speaker tail light(lens says 3042) complete with mount and all the bolts that came with them. Text 7122516249 for photos. Trying to get rid of anything I won't ever use. Many other parts for this bike...
  14. smudvapor

    Wanted: Rupp Headlight Brackets

    Looking for a pair of brackets like these. Not the reflector just the brackets. Thanks
  15. 1stBxMopar

    FOX Headlight Assembly and Harness

    Headlight/tailight assembly with harness and handle bar switch. tail light is missing the lens. (headlight and taillight have Fox tags).....$45. shipped
  16. J

    68 Rupp Headlight Bezel

    I am looking for an NOS headlight bezel for a TT500.
  17. J

    68 rupp headlight bucket

    I am looking for an NOS headlight bucket for my TT500. I would be willing to pay your premium.
  18. R

    Headlight and taillight for Wards(general appliance bike)

    Hello, I'm looking for a headlight and taillight for my Montgomery Wards survivor mini bike Does any one have one or could give some input as to what type the mini bike came with. Thanks for your time in this matter. Kelly
  19. J

    68 rupp headlight switch

    Anyone have a 68 headlight switch they would be willing to part with, for my TT 500? I am willing to pay your premium. Thanks
  20. J

    1968 Rupp TT500 headlight

    I'm looking for a 68 rupp headlight, with nice chrome and original numbers for my TT500.