1. POULE43

    1969 HONDA / Custom Beautiful / CA street Legal Trail 50

    Up for grabs is a bike built by Jon Polo around 6 years ago / stored INSIDE its whole life / NO DETAIL WAS SPARED!!!! Hardy ever ridden / It is a shhow piece $2950 Cash / Serious buyers only please / I will ship Forward air if out of state Custom Billet Grips :thumbsup: TONS of Chrome High...
  2. A

    looking for a street legal Alsport.

    Looking for someone in ohio or close by that may be willing to trade a street legal alsport . I have two of the Alsport dump trucks a rts8 I believe , was switched over to a 340ccw I also have a ts130 and another true rts 340 this would be a project most of it is there engine needs a recoil...
  3. S

    street legal mini???????

    I would like to plate one of my minis to drive on the street. My bronco tx5 has good brakes and street tires and with a little work I could mount lights and signals ect, now I know that this is not a good idea in a busy city but out at the lake or small town it would be a fun cheap ride. I...
  4. M

    Street Legal Baja Warrior build... The Scud

    I've been working on this bike for a while now, it started out as an all stock Baja Warrior WR65 that I traded for. Been working on getting it street legal for a while now, I want it to be ready for this spring. For performance I have removed the gov, added a billet rod, 26# springs, .265...
  5. R

    Any Street Legal Engines Out There

    Does anyone know of a modern engine that could be used for street legal purposes?
  6. A

    Wanted Street legal ALSPORT

    Im looking to buy a street legal tri sport , this can be complete or need some work but I need to have a title, I guess Id even be willing to buy a basket case as long as it came with a good title, as Im from Ohio and there not so nice if you know what I mean. Thanks David
  7. B

    street legal db30

    Has anyone successfully licensed one of these for the street? If so, what approach did you take?
  8. minimotor

    Street Legal Bumper Cars

    Here are some pics of street legal bumper cars. Made from recycled bumper cars from the Long Beach Pike Amussment Park. Powered by 750 Honda, or Kawasaki engines.:thumbsup:
  9. B

    street legal minibike

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I built a new minibike using an Azusa kit, gc160 motor, and a tav2 torque converter. I have also added a street legal headlight, taillight/brakelight, horn, rearview mirror, and battery. I would like to make it street legal, but the state of Minnesota has tightened...
  10. GTLabs

    A bunch of general make Dr. Greenthumb street legal!

    I'll be moving on very quickly to round 3 of my biofuel powered Mini Baja/ Yerf Dog buildup. The chassis is appropriately sized for my big ass. Now that the DOT tire issues are taken care of and I don't have to modify the frame, I can jump right into the motor swap. I want to swap the motor for...
  11. B

    Make doodle street legal

    would the etching on the neck suffice as a vin number?thinking of putting dot tires, lights ,and horn to make legal registration as a moped in the state of washington

    4 wheels and almost street legal

    This is what I've been playing with lately: