For Sale: Rare 1974 Alsport Trisport Street Legal Trike

    Saw this on CL today. Rare Find
  2. jewwlion

    Has anybody gotten a ticket for riding on the street?

    I hear of people getting fined $800+ for riding their minibike on the street and whatnot but honestly I've ridden past 3 cops before, only one of which simply gave me a warning about them not being street legal (which I had not known about beforehand). Has anybody here gotten fined for riding on...
  3. M

    Heathkit Boonie Bike

    I have a Heathkit Boonie Bike which bounced around family members after being found where it had been sitting for 30 years I don't know a lot about it so any info would be helpful. What I do know is that it's a 1968 or older it was once street legal and registered and the oldest tag is from 68...
  4. N

    Can a Go-Kart become street legal?

    Hey!:laugh: I'm new to this forum and have recently built a go kart over this past summer. Its an old Manco frame with generic HF wheels and a Harbor Freight Predator 6.5 hp 212cc engine. I currently live in New Hampshire and was wondering if it was possible to make this cart street legal, by...
  5. Aldovino

    Street Legal MBX10

    I plan to make my Motovox mbx10 street legal. I was wondering where I could stumble upon some DOT approved tires that will fit stock rim size?
  6. OND

    2015 Build Off Entry, EZ Rider, Vintage Class

    I bought this bike in with a buy out that I did, so I don't have much in this bike and I'm glad because it is ruff condition. I was planning on stretching this frame seeing how someone has cut the upper frame rails for some reason, but thats not legal in the rules. :no: I will be using a HS 35...
  7. CaptNugget

    Trade: 49cc street legal Wildfire scooter -for- TRIKE

    Looking for a new trike for my collection. It's time for number 6! Looking to trade my 49cc Wildfire scooter. It's street legal with clear title, 2779 miles, bought new battery in May 2014 and ran excellent, haven't run since and now not starting but should be easy fix, possibly new battery...
  8. nokool

    Baja street legal in Texas?

    Has any one tried making a Baja Mini street legal in Texas?
  9. J

    street legal minibike madness

    Hi :D I seem to have come down with a minibike sickness this summer.. I bought a used Baja Doodlebug, slapped a Predator 212 on there, and decided I'd try to register it. But lo and behold, it's hard to do that.. But now I'm simply determined to make it happen.. I must have a street legal...
  10. gumpit

    What is the best street legal mini bike Rupp made?

    What is Rupps street legal model? The beefiest? Looking for one to register in Mass.
  11. N

    Street legal baja warrior questions

    Hello, recently ive tooken up a project to make a street legal baja warrior. I was wondering if there was anywhere i can get some DOT tires for it because i cant seem to find any. I was also curious about how i would go towards a front break installation because my front wheel doesnt have a hub...
  12. A

    restoring my trisport 290 street legal

    hi guys, im restoring my trisport 290 street legal trike, no title and still in the stage of getting it running but ill keep you posted with some pictures off an on. does anyone happen to have an original brake master cylinder for the left side handlebar? I have the original one but sadley its...
  13. M

    street legal honda trail 70

    any one out there know anything about what I would need to make a 1970 Honda trail 70 street legal in new York state? I have no title by the way. I hear you don,t need one for 1972 or before to register the bike
  14. waffledude376

    I want to register my sears...

    Hello all! I got a wild idea, I l I've in Wisconsin, and I want to register my mini, to ride to high school and back. I think it's easy to go to the DMV and fil lot lost papers forms with my serial numbers from under the seat, BUT, if I go and they find out it was stolen sometime in the past...
  15. B

    fully street legal bar stool racer

    i just wanted to share me custom made bar stool racer i built fully street legal. with everything needed.
  16. gumpit

    Ebay street legal Owosso

    Vintage 1974 Owosso BDI Explorer 800R Trike 3 Wheeler Street Legal, w/ Ski | eBay

    Funday #3 legal issues never end...

    Just got a $490 ticket in the mail for running a redlight in east L.A. trying to keep up with Paul LOL I don't remember it, but there's a nice group of pictures of the truck, the trailer full of minibikes and me front row, center.
  18. G

    Does this mean its legal to ride on the street?

    I was curious as to what the laws were pertaining to riding my mini bike in my neighborhood here in Massachusetts. While looking online i came across this on the MA DMV website Massachusetts RMV: There is no such thing as a scooter in Massachusetts! at the bottom of the motorized scooter section...
  19. Rupp 72

    heald, street legal

    Heald Kit Super Bronc Black stallion 2 Street legal mini bike