1. LSCustoms

    Temecula Bob Drag mini bike frame and forks, located in SO CAL

    new/2015 Temecula Bob drag frame and forks... asking $350... each of these bikes I get into are different... tig welded and mild steel... you can see some of my threads for the type of stuff i do with them... but i love these frames... saves me from molesting some of the taco stuff im into... i...
  2. Vintage_bike_nut

    Fox Trail FX

    Runs and drives but needs to be reassembled. I have all of the parts that it needs to be put back together, chain, clutch, clutch guard, throttle, and air cleaner. It is located in Elkhart Lake, Wi. Im not shipping it pick-up only. $550obo Please call or text 920-286-3637 Thank you
  3. Mr Big Mini

    Tote Gote - Model 403

    Runs good - $650 I'm 6'5" and 235 pounds, I feel just to big on the Tote Gote, so sadly i'm letting her go. :sad: Located near Penticton BC, Canada. Can meet you in Osoyoos, BC near Oroville, Washington State. I can also help with local BC delivery...
  4. trailramdan

    Heald super bronc

    10 horse VT 10. Runs good. New carb and belt. Good ol . Bike...70 bucks located in stout Iowa email mrhorsepower1966@gmail.com for pics
  5. D

    GX 390 hondas. complete or parts

    I have 3 gx390 generator engines. All run. I'm missing a couple recoils but they all run. Hours vary. Parts or whole. Rather not ship whole engines. If you need anything let me know. Located in Grandville mi. Not sure on prices. Depends what part you need. Local pickup on the engines $200 a piece.
  6. traildog777

    ISO Murray Track 2 in Georgia any condition.

    I am looking to buy another Murray Track 2 in Georgia. Willing to travel up to 50-60 miles to pick it up. Let me know what you got. I am located in Conyers Ga.
  7. that_van_guy

    6" Manco wheel

    In search of a good, complete 6" Manco wheel for the front of my Delta 1. Need both halves. Located in Lancaster PA 17603
  8. S

    Minnesota trails?????

    Does anybody live in Minnesota and know of a place where I can ride my mini bike? I'm located in Bloomington so a 4 hour drive up north dosent really help me.
  9. bikerboybenny8

    Future Project, SICK Trail 70

    So i was browsing a social networking app today, searching through keywords and found this interesting take on an old Trail 70.. ive already located a frame i plan on purchasing, just wanted everyones take on it. Personally i think its bad ass. Let me know what yall think!
  10. D

    2 disk Hortsman clutch

    I have a used 2 disk Hortsman clutch. 15 tooth driver. $100 shipped. located in Grandville Michigan
  11. N

    1970 Rupp Roadster for parts

    Engine sold and deal fell through on the rest of it as a roller. Located in Bismarck, ND. Please email with offers on any parts you may want.
  12. S

    Is anyone located in Colorado Springs, CO

    There's a guy on CL who has a CHERRY Murray track 2 for sale for 200 bucks. I'm extremely interested, but he won't ship :( Is anyone located near there that might pick it up for me and Greyhound it to me? I could paypal you the price of the bike + shipping + 50 bucks for your trouble :D Let me...
  13. R

    Very unique CAT minibike. California located

    ** Located in Stockton CA , 45 min south of Sacramento, 3 hours north of bakersfield, 1 hour east from the bay area , and 20 minutes from Modesto ca. I have a very unique CAT minibike. I want to say it is a 300x because of the fold up foot pegs, but it does not have the 300x forks. It has FULL...
  14. 45t

    Stretched mini on ebay located in my town

    This is located in my town. I like everything about it except the frame being stretched. Probably wouldn't take much to put it back (torch, grind & weld). Cool big rear wheel mini, sorry don't know what it is. Anyone know what it is? :confused: Item number: 200651918980 MINI BIKE RARE...
  15. smallbikes88

    Azuza Roller located in cleveland oh but will ship

    I tried selling it complete but mabey the 3.5 tecumseh that came on it wasnt enough power so now you put what ever motor on it, Its a well made azuza bike, with 6" tristar rims and balloon style tires, The frame is solid, but has some paint scratches here and there. I am asking 175 for the...
  16. H

    Heald Super Tryke located in Antioch, Illinois

    Here's the Super Tryke I just purchased.. Drove 792miles round trip to pick it up. I just needed the fenders.. It's now in Antioch, Illinois.. I want to get rid of it as you see it.. I don't know what make the engine is, and it's just sitting on the frame, not bolted down, but it turns freely...
  17. J

    Anyone Located In Or Near Toledo, Ohio?

    I'm looking for someone located in or near Toledo, Ohio who wouldn't mind checking into something for me. Please send me a PM for further details. Thank you ~JM~
  18. Mac

    My Photobucket album is located at:

    TacoMac - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Check out the pictures, You'll be glad you did. ...and check back ocassionally, as I post pictures to find my picture limit.