1. Baja_brandon96

    Doodlebug Predator swap....low top speed?

    Hey all! Forgive me for being spotty in my postings, i have rather poor internet here in camp. So after getting my Doodlebug running well, i enjoyed it for a bit with the stock 97cc engine. Was quite reliable, and easy to handle. Struggled with inclines, but it had a respectable 27mph top...
  2. R

    Ordered 212cc Predator for my Motovox MBX11, does low use old engine have any value?

    As title says, I found a $99 Harbor Freight code for a Predator 60363 engine, and ordered it. :thumbsup: The minibike has very low use, and I know it's a turd, but I was just wondering if the "stock" engine and exhaust has any value? :shrug: I was thinking of putting it on my local...

    How low is to low?????

    I am trying to come to a happy medium for ride height on my Warrior project and would like opinions of what is to low for frame clearance. Its going to be a hard surface use bike and I cant see taking it off road. By off road I mean in the woods and through ditches and mud. I am not worried...
  4. Jockey

    Need stock predator 60363 carb low speed jet

    I am in need of a stock low speed/idle jet for a predator SP 60363 carb.
  5. K

    Motovox mbx10 with 212cc predator engine, way too much low end torque.

    Hello everyone, I have a motovox mbx10 that I installed a 212cc predator engine and now the bike has way too much low end torque. The motor has a lot of mods. After some research I believe that I need a smaller sprocket? 60 tooth do what I need? Does anyone know the specs so I can buy...
  6. R

    Pilot/ low idle jet?

    Does anyone know if there are different size Pilot/ low idle jet and should it be changed when installing a new main jet and emulsion tube? Also what size is a stock jet in a Predator 212cc hemi? Thanks Roger!
  7. Taco Loco Joe

    Low $ FRISCO Hood Rat

    This old Ford Rat Rod was the inspiration for My friend and Co workers first Mini Bike in 46 years. We started with a Roller picked up on Craig's List for $25 It was nice and rusty. Found the 1969 Briggs on CL for $40 and it was just serviced at a Lawn Mower Shop. The Back rim was bent so we got...
  8. ludicrous speed

    honda 8hp motor low run time

    honda 8hp low run time. 1 inch shaft,ran great,is nearly brand new. was bought brand new by friend who never used it,engine sat for long time bottom of recoil shroud has rust. will post pic. i bought it off him,went thru the entire motor/carb,had it running perfectly and then traded it to...
  9. N

    Removing vs Disconnecting Low Oil Sensor

    My engine will just shut off mid ride on my mini bike. Someone told me it was probably the low oil sensor. Can i just disconnect it or do I have to remove it completely?
  10. YOOP

    Low budget storage solution

    Since space in our pole barn is slowing diminishing,i'm building a small storage shed (10' x 30' with 11' walls) mostly from wood i.ve salvaged over the last few years Made the sand pad from leftover sand from the barn a couple years ago Joists are from roadside signs from a job we did last...
  11. cpu77

    Predator swap done! Top speed seems low.

    I just finished swapping a predator in with a Chinese torque converter and a 60t sprocket. I seem to only hit about 35mph. I weigh under 200lbs. I removed all components of the governor when I installed the new flywheel. Other than that engine is completely stock. I was thinking I would be...
  12. Danny01

    Low End Power?

    How do I get more low end power, or at least some better accleration? I could change my gear ratio but that's pretty difficult.
  13. A

    Predator 212 bogs at low rpms

    ill be honest, was practicing wheelies and had a good one going but didnt end so hot. took a little spill. it hasnt run right since. ripped the carb out not one single sign of damage. running stock airbox upgraded exhaust, gov removed. when i go to start it will start up fine and idle but taking...
  14. dylanc4941

    Predator 212 Bogging at low RPM

    I just installed the upgraded air filter kit and 140 emulsion tube with the 36 jet. Still running stock exhaust. It will idle great but right after I take off after the clutch is fully disengaged, it spudders and goes in and out. This only happens at low rpms. If I go full throttle it's fine and...
  15. P

    212 dies when cornering?? Low oil disconnected.

    Good Morning OldMiniBikes, I am looking for some help. I recently acquired a go kart for next to nothing. It had a 5.5hp Tecumseh power sport on there. It was not quite fast enough and I always wanted to see what the predator hype was about. I pulled the tec and installed the 212. Runs great. Unless...
  16. jeffe

    196cc clone - parts on the way - advise please?

    So, I'm hoping I have made good choices for parts. I know there are lots of mod threads, but they all seem a bit different or are looking for different results. I have ordered a PVL flywheel , standard length billet rod, 10.8 pound "improved" springs, and air filter and adapter. I have...
  17. bikebudy

    New clutch, bad springs ?

    Hello, So I have a new clutch but, it don't matter how low I set idle, it wants to grab. Turned it down so low the engine wants to quit and stall. I just don't get it ??? Where do I find heavier springs?
  18. J

    gx140\160\200 2:1 gear box

    I can`t find much info on this thing. Is there a way of adjusting the take on the clutch? Can i just remove some of the weights? the clutch is working but it takes at to low rpm...
  19. tundrabeagle3

    which one 5 hp briggs or 6 hp vangaurd

    I have a 5 hp briggs that has a 20 mm slide carb on it that I am running on my firehawk with a tav2. I also have the 6 hp Mitsubishi ohv that came with the firehawk which is the same a the 6 hp vanguard but have been waiting for parts (new pushrods , and rocker adjusters) that are being special...
  20. D

    hello from France

    hy guys my name is Dimitri 33 years old, from Montbéliard, France first sorry for my english, i'll do many mistakes i think so i registered because i've got a Rv90 Suzuki Vanvan, blue, with a low front fender. actually i renovate my vanvan et i want to transform my low front fender in a...