Ordered 212cc Predator for my Motovox MBX11, does low use old engine have any value?

As title says, I found a $99 Harbor Freight code for a Predator 60363 engine, and ordered it. :thumbsup:

The minibike has very low use, and I know it's a turd, but I was just wondering if the "stock" engine and exhaust has any value? :shrug:

I was thinking of putting it on my local Craigslist, due to the pain/cost of shipping it, but if there's little to no value in doing that, I may just look for a roller to throw it on and get rid of it that way... :confused:
I sold two of the original engines from my dirt bug for $50 (total... and in Canadian $$) One was nice and the other was a mess. I never checked to see if they ran of not. (I sold them as "not working"). I didn't make a ton off them but it was better then throwing them out.