1. F

    Block Machine Work

    I am doing some performance work to a Tec HS50, would the HS50 flow better if the cylinder block land between the valves and cylinder were machined down similar to Tec 10 HP engines that have angled valves. See attached picture. Tony
  2. CLH

    Rare Mustang Trail Machine on eBay

    This isn't my bike, but these are rare so I had to share it. Here is a rare 1962 mustang trail machine with it's original 5 & 3/4 hp Briggs engine with the oil bath air cleaner- Look at that motor! It seems to have a (likely multi-speed) gearbox that has some sort of kickstart mechanism on it...
  3. AboveUpNorth

    1962 Mustang Trail Machine

    Not mine, but for sale locally..... It's too rare and sexy not to let everyone see :-) 1962 Mustang Trail Machine Mini Bike The MUSTANG TRAIL MACHINE is a lightweight motorcycle manufactured by Gladden Products Corporation of Glendale, California from 1961 to 1965. Powered by an upright...
  4. Joe-405

    Machine work for 1" crank to 3/4"

    I need a 420cc crank turned down to 3/4" so I can have a better option for clutches. And what price and how long ?
  5. D

    Mustang trail machine

    Does any one have info about the mustang trail machine and how the seat comes off.
  6. buckeye

    Check this ice machine.. Fffooxxx..thing is crazy!
  7. jeep2003

    Mechanical Walking Machine Progect

    Now for something completely different. Im building a mechanical walking machine it will be like an emu/ostrich style bird with all the mecanical guts in its body. Pulling a wagon with the rider. The wagon will serve to stabilize the 2 leged bird. Iv always wanted to build a 4 legged animal to...
  8. F

    Frank2's Manco "Death Machine"

    I had this mini bike for the last 18 years and decided to finally replace the very tired 3.5hp engine with the very common Predator 212cc. Then things snowballed out of control and I started modifying it because the 72 tooth rear sprocket basically made it a wheelie machine, and practically...
  9. B

    Mystery Machine

    Anyone have any idea about what this once was?
  10. I

    briggs mtd 5hp yard machine cam advance.

    Well hi. I'm new. Any way lets get to it. Everyone knows how Briggs blows air out the carb right? Advance the cam a tooth. Way more compression. I will run it tomorrow and post results. I'll try to get a picture of my mower to tired though. I hope this is a new idea.
  11. gandrfab

    Ranger 8 Welder/Generator?

    Has anyone had experience with one of these? I have an opportunity to get one of these. I would need to tig weld with it, anodized aluminum. What's the availability of a high frequency box for this machine? Is it worth bothering with?
  12. F

    new addition

    So randomly looking on craigslist today i came across this .. i thought it was a fake add wasnt really a description just a pic and said must sell .. so on with the goods .. its a hemi predator, pmr plate, clutch cover, have no clue what the frame is or what brand the clutch is anyone know ...
  13. G

    Tire change question.

    Total noob here. Just bought my first DB-30 last week, and I've ridden it so much, I have an almost bald tire on the back. I've taken it to 4 places and no one knows how to get the tire off, or has a machine small enough. How are you guys switching your tires out? Just elbow grease and pry...
  14. Mark G

    West Bend Power Bee 820

    Nice complete WB 820 from a Chrysler Snorunner. CW rotation, Tillotson HL320 carb. Stepped crank, also has light coil. Been sitting on the shelf for years, was told it came off a machine with very little use. Great engine for your build off bike:thumbsup: $300 plus shipping Located...
  15. Newoldstock

    Youtube time machine

    One of the great films I love. Some nice person retraced the steps in the plot between today and the late 1940s. Its magic we are in the dark days of post war Viena and then we are in modern Austria to day.... The Third Man: Then and Now (Part 1 of 2) - YouTube
  16. J

    Drum Machine

    Since I am a very non famous drummer of almost no repute (yet!) and also being simultaneously a legend in my own mind:out: of course I have it built up in my imagination that all you simply COULD NOT WAIT any longer to see pics of my drums, so I treat you to a short pictorial tour of them...
  17. scootercat

    Machine Shops for small Engines?....

    Any one know of any small engine machine shops for, boring and decking,ect. the block on a clone/predator in the S.E.Michigan area?....Scootercat....
  18. B

    Little Machine Build (MTD)

    Figured I'd start a project log for my MTD I'm calling "Little Machine." This probably won't go too fast, maybe run the course of the summer. Here it is the day I got it: It was super crusty/rusty/banged up/motor hardly even bolted together/etc.. The motor had a clutch welded to a...
  19. vwmopar

    engine machine service

    Don't know if this is the right place to put this. Any ways I'm looking for a shop in the Detroit Michigan area to do some machine work to my Tecumseh H60. Would like a shop that can work on cranks, blocks and do valve work. If none in MI I can ship out of state. I'm looking for someone to...
  20. D

    Medium hp machine for the woods/trail - 4hp?

    So I'm thinking about building a bike more for the woods and for hilly trails. The 2.8hp, jackshafted doodlebug (dirt bug/old style) works pretty good for this, with its thick tires. But two issues I noticed for me (150lb): not enough hp, and no shocks. So the mbx11 is one possibility...