mini bike

  1. D

    1969 Harrison Mini Bike

    These dont come up for sale too often . I am listing my 1969 Harrison built this past summer with all new parts. Has new Predator im on seventh tank of gas. Has ARC Billet Flywheel Re jetted Carb Aftermarket header Performance filter with pre cover New custom made seat New Clutch New...
  2. M

    1969 Powell Roller... Needs a new home

    Started this project in 2010 -- Never had time to finish. The Engine was junked... (Not the original). Asking $700.00 Or best offer. Pick up Local only. Orange Calif.
  3. jackeo21

    Tru Test Build From New Zealand

    Hey everyone, this is my first post here. I'm getting my first mini bike on Sunday and I'm planning to strip it down and completely rebuild it. It's a New Zealand made Tru Test bike and they're damn hard to come across here! I'm selling the GX160 and putting my 3hp briggs on it, as I want...
  4. Olivedrab

    Coleman CT200U MOD Questions.

    Hey guys. I just bought a used CT200U on craigslist, and the thing has ended up costing me some money. I paid $280, than I repainted it olive drab for $20, and bought new jackshaft bearings for $20(the old ones were broken and making awful screeching noises). My little bro was riding it Sunday...
  5. D

    Bird type minibike-built by Joel Wey

    Orange Powder coat, beautiful condition. Strong West Bend motor. $700+Shipping. Colorado Springs, CO.
  6. F

    tire sizes Azusa Mini bike kit

    Me and my son are building a azusa mini bike kit for a father son project. We like the look of the 5" kit but are undesided and also considering the 6" kit we just dont know the pros and cons are on both of the kits. are small wheels better or are larger wheels better i think the 5" wheels give...
  7. lilg111111

    Tough time finding mini bike frames in Houston

    Anybody know of another brand besides Azusa that makes mini bike frames or kits that you can buy?
  8. P

    Help Identifying this mini bike

    Here are some pictures
  9. Eliminator

    1970 Power Dyne project.

    Powerdyne semi chopper mine bike, they were located in Pawtucket Rhode Island. Front & rear suspension. Original 6" wheels. Someone put a scrub brake setup on it no doubt when the rear caliper went south or disintegrated. Looks like a Tecumseh 3 1/2 side popper on it now off whatever which...
  10. 2

    Fitting 6.5 Predator in Model B Tote Goat, what would you do?

    Hey guys, first post here! I've been lurking around the forums here and there since picking up my model B tote goat a little bit ago. I had one of these growing up and I'm stoked to be restoring this one, but alas I've already run into a conundrum and would love to have some opinions on it...
  11. M

    Baja mb165 "Brakes are the new Bastard?"

    I have bought a 2007 mb165, after a intense 101 time with the engine I have made it like new after sitting for almost 5-6 years the rear brakes are a *****:censure: No matter what I try they squeal or squeak when its going at 2 or 20 mph. I was thinking about changing the whole thing to a disk...
  12. D

    wanted chain/clutch cover for baja mini bike vin prefix LUAH

    Does anyone have or know where to find a chain cover for a 97cc baja mini bike with vin#starting with LUAH I need the front and rear chain covers.
  13. cletus

    Nor cal mini bike get together, show and swap meet .June 21st , oakley ca

    I have secured a location and set the date for Saturday June 21 st and everything is set to go. It will be at Big Break Marina, 100 big break road , oakley ca, approx 2 miles from highway 160 and highway 4 Mini bike get together, swap meet, show and BBQ , miles of paved bike trails nearby...
  14. M

    Motor city minis 2nd annual mini bike show and swap

    Motor city minis will be having our 2nd annual mini bike show and swap meet sunday march 30th , 2014. $3 general addmission, $20 10x10 dealer spots, $10 per bike entry fee. Doors open at 9am for general addmission. Dealers can setup as early as 7am. No early bird general addmission! Show judging...
  15. Q

    Baja Warrior and Other Bike!

    Baja Warrior Mini Bike Mini Bike HMU if you're interested! Willing to negotiate, willing to trade for a go kart!
  16. T

    1968 z50 minibike

    Just got a 1968 z50 mini trail minibike. really nice shape. all original including the tires. one owner got it when he was 30. rode it around a parking lot a few times and parked it. never been in the rain. kept it in his garage for the past 35 years or so. any idea of what the value might be...
  17. Kingkeef25

    Confused about governor on 212 predator. NEED HELP

    Ok so I recently got the 212 and put it on my mini bike. Now when I got it where the throttle hook up is suppose to go which is on the governor throttle I put it but it was super stiff. So I eliminated the governor throttle and ran my throttle cable to the little swing arm thing under the gas...
  18. bigdadywayne87

    Fanichino / Broncco TX11 mini bike roller

    looking for person of interest to purchase and build or restore this bike if interested give me a shout this is a complete roller no engine, clutch, clutch cover, brakes. does come with original grips, plastic tank & chain cover, seat that still says Broncco on it, steel spoke rims sprocket &...
  19. T

    18hp Briggs and 1 inch clutch

    I have an 18hp Briggs and a 1 inch clutch I would like to sale. Was going to put together a super go kart but just dont have the time. Asking 500 or best offer, will ship if you pay for shipping. Please text 7135359838
  20. SteelheadBen

    Honda GX160 Dumpster Find + Build

    hello mini bikers! I was riding my mini bike today to take down the trash at our dumpster and look what i came back with! A Honda GX160 presure washer! The presure washer part was toast. So i removed it and started the engine up. Runs with no problems at all! So then i got...