1. G

    Sears Puddle Jumper in Orange Crush

    I bought this minibike serial number is 1960. I do not know much about this particular bike, it is all original and in fairly good original condition. Can you tell me what year it is? It hasn't run in 25+ years but the prior owner did run it dry. Turns over easily and brakes work etc. Going to...
  2. Dr. Shop Teacher

    The Windber Orange Flyer--Courtesy Posting of Rules and Requests by the Milhakos

    A poster had asked about the orange flyer. I've attached it below. Trikes are probably a phone call to Jeff. The rules say no "three wheelers on the grounds," so I guess that's subject to interpretation by the host. If you can't see the flyer (I had to jpeg it as a pdf wouldn't work), pm me with...
  3. M

    1970 Rupp Orange Paint Code - Can't Find It

    Anyone have an orange paint code for a 1970 Rupp? I found codes for the Blue and Red but not orange :confused: Someone said it matches the Chevy engine orange but I'd be more comfortable with a code since that orange engine color in spray cans may vary from company to company (like...
  4. catfishman

    ugly orange on cl
  5. R

    Green bike with orange engine

    Hello guys, I've been a member here for a while but I don't visit the site often. I found this one at a swap meet, it has a Cooper Klipper engine. I think that's from a reel type mower or tiller. What is the bike? Thanks I finally have the pictures in the normal position.
  6. Midyrman

    Bonanza ORANGE Paint?

    Painting my MB1210. Considering powder coating and do it myself (spray can). Has anyone found a good match in orange color using either or both methods? Thanks. Tom
  7. M

    is there a difference?

    Ok so i kinda started noticing all the different colors orange,black ,silver,gold white .and even a blue motor,does the color mean anything
  8. M

    Two minibikes for sale

    Not sure of the makes both do run (Red one) has a 5hp engine nice original rims and tires. The (orange one) has a 3hp engine...Please see others I have for sale... I am open to offers...Package deal?
  9. O

    what the hell is it?

    I just bought this about 2 weeks ago through craigslist. It looked horrible with a faded yellow paint job so I sanded and painted it orange. Had no motor so I put an 11hp tecumseh. I have the rear wheel and fenders. Anybody know what it is?
  10. S

    Odd Shaped Orange Gas Tank - What is it?

    Looking to try and find a match to this orange gas tank that looks to be off from a mini-bike of some sort. Any ideas?
  11. G

    4 to identify !!

    This is my little collection,I know the white fenders is a Bird nighthawk! I am not sure on the rest,The black one maybe a pinto the blue a Harrison an the orange not sure at all.I have had these in my garage for the last 15 yrs.[ATTACH=CONFIG]
  12. minibikin'

    Happy Birthday Gumpit

    Have a Happy Birthday! I got you an orange taco....:laugh:
  13. capguncowboy

    1970 Roadster Color

    I am gearing up for a restoration on my '70 Roadster. The original color looks orange, but the only color listed on the original colors is red. Does anyone have a link to the appropriate paint? Was it more orange than red? While we're at it, does anyone want to share their opinions on whether...
  14. S

    looking for a orange Speedway Shrike.

    looking for a complete or roller Orange speedway Shrike,
  15. O

    Sears Runabout- Original Color Orange? Original Engine 2 1/2 hp side popper?

    Did the sears runabout ever have original orange paint? If so what year(s)? And was the original 2 1/2 hp engine a side popper? Original pics of above appreciated
  16. gakarl

    Seat black w/ orange trim

    Bought the wrong size this is brand new. $35 shipped.
  17. manchester1

    Red or orange manifold tape

    Does anybody have about 12" of header/manifold tape. I can't see buying a giant roll for 12 inches. I could also trade you for some floresent green:laugh: Burnt my leg on the new bike all ready:doah: THANK YOU
  18. Moose with new power

    Moose with new power

  19. P

    orange krate sears kart

    anyone have some pics of an original sears orange krate go kart thanks
  20. S

    Speedway shrike orange in color

    1971 Speedway Shrike color orange like one i had years ago pictured below Thanks, STeve