1. mlanzoni

    Predator engine in a 69 Rupp frame ??

    Hello all, has anyone ever put a 212 Predator engine in a 69 Rupp Frame ? How well does it fit, and what would I need to do for the throttle linkage ? I would like to run it using the Rupp original remote gas tank. Thank you in advance.:hammer:
  2. S

    Bullfrog Hemi Predator High Compression Piston

    Has anyone ever used one of these high compression pistons from bullfrog motorsports in a Hemi predator? According to their website with no other mods it gets you to 11:1 compression. I was thinking it'd be a lot wiser to do this than mill my head to get 11:1. Ole4 reccomended this to me but I...
  3. C

    My Experience in throwing a Hemi Predator on a CT200u

    Just thought I would throw out a couple of tips as I am nearing completion on this project. 1) Use the tins off the Hisun motor, you need the indentation under the cylinder/piston to fit the jackshaft setup. 2) Grab 4- 5/8"x36tpi-3/4" bolts and lockwashers to fit the jackshaft plate back to...
  4. R

    Dyno 308 cam in Hemi Predator?

    Hi Everyone, Got a little bit of an arms race going between my brothers and I in regards to our minibikes. I'm looking to add squeeze some more power out of my Hemi Predator (current set up listed below). Does anyone run a hemi predator with a Dyno 308 cam? Mikuni 22mm carb (130 main, 125...
  5. R

    Dyno 308 cam in Hemi Predator?

    Hi Everyone, Got a little bit of an arms race going between my brothers and I in regards to our minibikes. I'm looking to add squeeze some more power out of my Hemi Predator (current set up listed below). Does anyone run a hemi predator with a Dyno 308 cam? Mikuni 22mm carb (130 main...
  6. S

    First Predator Build, I have lots of questions.

    First off I have been reading for a couple months but I am a new member and this is my first post. I appreciate the tons of info I have already found but I still have some questions. I am building my first Hemi 212 Predator. I will include a build list of what I plan on doing and then ask the...
  7. E

    Never underestimate a 6.5 Predator

    By the power of Harbor Freight......
  8. MiniDan99

    Cyntrifugal clutch washer ?????? (for a 79cc predator )

    Where can I get the crankshaft shoulder washer that goes between the clutch and the crank shoulder ? I cant find it, and I'm pretty sure there's supposed to be one. Project: Western Flyer SS300 with a new 79cc predator. Thanks, Dan
  9. C

    coleman ct200u with predator 420cc swap?

    Hey guys, I just picked up the mini bike after searching for a while and i know besides doing the popular mods to the stock engine, or throwing a 212cc predator engine into it. Has anyone swapped a 420cc predator engine in it? from the looks of it, looks like it would fit in the same space. Any...
  10. M

    Stock Coleman CT200U engine vs Predator Hemi. Which has more power?

    Which is better out of the box? Going to build one or the other and can pick up the 212cc Hemi for $89.
  11. MiniDan99

    Chain doesnt line up: Western Flyer SS300 gets a 3hp Predator

    This is a photo of a bike with the same conversion - don't have a photo of the chain side of the bike. I have a SS300 that needed an the 3hp Predator seemed the logical choice, but the chain doesn't line up. It almost looks like I need add a jackshaft to make it work. The engine is...
  12. T

    predator bog issue

    I'm having an issue where at 3/4 - full throttle the engine is bogging down. Any ideas what it could be? I have a predator 212, high flow air filter, 37 jets. The engine only has about 5 hours on it. Thanks
  13. Old Lady

    New Predator 212cc Engine Rewind Starter Posistion

    I would love to adjust the pull cord rewind starter so the cord pulls from the back side of the engine. Does anyone know if that is possible? Are the holes on the case symmetrical? If I rotate it counterclockwise 45 degrees will it affect the function? As it is, the cord comes out on the front...
  14. M

    Predator 212 kicking back! Timing off?

    Hey! I just rebuilt my non-hemi predator 212cc motor after running it for a few months after removing the governor and adding bigger jets/exhaust. I wanted to really build it this time so i cracked open the case and added these parts: Mod 2 cheater cam 26lb valve springs Chromoly push rods...
  15. ole4

    Building a non hemi predator Test Motor

    I am starting a thread on a non hemi predator motor. This engine came off a Kart my nephews kids race on a kart in my backyard. It was a stock Non Predator engine and I never had an interest in it as I find the hemi to be a much better platform for my engine builds. The reason for this is that I...
  16. Acolytus

    Picked up this DB30 last night

    Well, it has been about a year and a half since I last owned a mini bike. I got out of the mini bike scene because I was getting into the old Japanese enduros and found them to be more down my alley. I never thought I would ever own another mini bike again after I got into those...well I was...
  17. KMC3420

    Hemi Predator motor

    I have for sale a brand new Hemi predator. It does have an ARC flywheel with minimal use. The flywheel is for non hemi predator, and I do have the correct non hemi crank to use with the motor. As you can see it does have a dished piston at 0 deck height, I also have the flattop piston...
  18. R

    Identifying Predator

    Hey guys. I'd like to know how to identify my Predator 212. I know its a non-hemi (which sucks) and I've looked all over for some sort of plaque, or anything that will give me the model number, (example: 68120) but all I could find was this sticker on the shroud thing that goes over the flywheel...
  19. danford1

    WTD Good running Predator or clone engine

    I'm looking for a good running used Predator or clone engine. Local to south east Michigan. What do you have, how much, where are you located? Danford1 PS Yes I know you can get them new for $99 or less. I'm helping a guy out on a tight budget build... Used ones are way cheaper.
  20. R

    Predator 212 intermittent spark?

    I went through three pages of posts (plus a forum search) and didn't see this topic, but please feel free to tell me if this has been covered elsewhere. Brand new Predator 212 mounted and ran for about 45 min. to an hour. Max speed set to about 6MPH so it can break in gently. Motor is mounted...