1. D

    First start on 2nd hand non hemi Predator

    The chassis is all back together on Project Baja MB200 GC and time to start the engine. The engine is a non-hemi R210-111 from HF that came with the project and not original to the bike. It looks like brand new out of the box minus the muffler. I ordered the OEM muffler and gasket off the web...
  2. CarPlayLB

    New/Used Predator 212 HEMI wanted in SoCal

    Anyone in SoCal have a new or used Predator HEMI 212 in SoCal? I need one that is unmolested and complete, but can be used...or even blown up!
  3. M

    Predator mods

    i am looking for a Cam, A Rod, and a Flywheel. Hemi Predator. I am looking for a good deal so please message me!
  4. MotoMagz

    Ultra lite billet flywheel ARC Predator Hemi

    I have Less than 30 miles on it. I will trade for a nice straight billet flywheel for a Hemi or Sell this for $100 shipped save ya $30 some bucks...... also I have a motorized bicycle so I don't post a lot here. But I get all my technical info here! Ultra-Light SFI Certified Billet Aluminum...
  5. D

    predator hemi rods

    im looking to replace the rod in my predator, its a stock hemi. was looking at rods, what kind of clearence do we have in these engines? i see they sell a .020 and .040 longer rod, would those work in a stock block/head? whats longest i can go?
  6. J

    Predator 212 not starting

    Hey whats up guys Ive been building a Azusa mini bike kit this summer and finally got it all done this weekend only for it to not start. Ok to start off I got a Hemi 212cc with governor removed, header, Mikuni carb, and air filter. When i was taking the oil sensor out of the inside of the engine...
  7. R

    Did my first Predator swap today...

    And boy was it easy... Grabbed a Baja Dirt Bug this past weekend for a decent price. Needed nothing but a rear tire...bald and slow leak. Had already ordered a Predator for my Motovox MBX11, which is like brand new. Decided to put it on the Baja instead. Had the old engine off in 5 minutes...
  8. T

    predator 3 hp 79cc clutch quesstion

    hello all, i have bought a new 3 hp 79cc predator engine from harbor freight it says the pto shaft is 5/8 what size clutch do i need to order for it ?? i have a 5/8 one here but that doesnt fit
  9. blizzane

    Predator 420

    Hey guys what size main jet with what mods it everybody running?
  10. R

    Ordered 212cc Predator for my Motovox MBX11, does low use old engine have any value?

    As title says, I found a $99 Harbor Freight code for a Predator 60363 engine, and ordered it. :thumbsup: The minibike has very low use, and I know it's a turd, but I was just wondering if the "stock" engine and exhaust has any value? :shrug: I was thinking of putting it on my local...
  11. M

    60mph doodlebug with 212cc predator. Is the price right?

    $550 212cc predator mini bike (1.8 hours) No governor Longer billet connecting rod Billet flywheel 18lb valve springs Chromoly push rods Mod2 cam Bigger carb K&N filter Straight pipe ARC throttle plate Under seat fuel tank Hydraulic disc brake Tachometer 2 piece aluminum...
  12. K

    predator 212 shaft size

    my gf burned the box and idk what clutch with which bore to get. please help
  13. B

    Help with a predator

    Hello, I just picked up a predator 212 from harbor freight. I installed it and added gas and oil and got excited and took it for a test run full out without breaking it in. I got home and let it idle for an hour, then went to ride it again. Whenever it reaches top RPM the engine "pulses" (idk...
  14. M

    Hard to start predator 212

    Hey guys im finishing up my go kart build and have it all together, but this thing is almost impossible to start. The valve lash is good, but i dont think its getting enough fuel when pulling the cord or something. I had it running for the first time today for a solid 45 seconds with the...
  15. noseoil

    Tuned length for Predator & 7500 target?

    I know it has to do with rpm, cam duration, lift, timing & a bunch of other numbers I don't really understand too well. If I'm building for a 7,500 max rpm target with a hemi-predator, does anyone know what length I need for a pipe which will provide some scavenging? Thinking it would be made...
  16. B

    Predator Electrics

    OK, new to minibikes. Bought a Baja Doddle Bug (I think) with a bad motor. Just put a Predator in it and wondered what the little electrical box was (see red square). Also I want to hook up the original kill switch. What wire on the engine do I connect switch wire to.
  17. G

    Which Predator?

    I'm trying to understand the difference between these three Predator 212cc engines. I see one lists a diameter, there are two different max RPMs of the three engines, and two even have the exact same name. Predator 212cc Item#60363 Predator 212cc Item#69730 Predator 212cc Item#69727...
  18. mlanzoni

    Predator engine in a 69 Rupp frame ??

    Hello all, has anyone ever put a 212 Predator engine in a 69 Rupp Frame ? How well does it fit, and what would I need to do for the throttle linkage ? I would like to run it using the Rupp original remote gas tank. Thank you in advance.:hammer:
  19. S

    Bullfrog Hemi Predator High Compression Piston

    Has anyone ever used one of these high compression pistons from bullfrog motorsports in a Hemi predator? According to their website with no other mods it gets you to 11:1 compression. I was thinking it'd be a lot wiser to do this than mill my head to get 11:1. Ole4 reccomended this to me but I...
  20. C

    My Experience in throwing a Hemi Predator on a CT200u

    Just thought I would throw out a couple of tips as I am nearing completion on this project. 1) Use the tins off the Hisun motor, you need the indentation under the cylinder/piston to fit the jackshaft setup. 2) Grab 4- 5/8"x36tpi-3/4" bolts and lockwashers to fit the jackshaft plate back to...