1. Z

    Doodlebug Tire Question - Heavy Rider

    So I did a little trading and ended up with a pretty nice little Doodlebug with the jackshaft kit on it and possibly some other mods I just haven't figured out yet. So here is my question, I am 6'4 - 310 lbs and I hear with the right setup I can ride this thing around with my kids that have...
  2. H

    Huskee Trail Rider

    Hello, I recently bought a Huskee Trail Rider for $20, It has no seat ,but i put a bike seat on temporarily. I'm wondering how much hp is the b and s motor.
  3. derekbmn

    ~**Huskee Trail Rider (Resto Mod)**~ L@@K

    Listing this up for the old man. Lots of time went into this one. 4" Tristar on the front and 6" on the back. Sawtooth tires. Tec H30 Side Popper.....runs and stops great !!! Located in Southern Minnesota. $375 OBO. Please PM me :thumbsup: Here's some pic of some of the work on the bike...
  4. T

    Huskee Trail Rider question

    So cool to find a website dedicated to this. I am completely new to this OldMiniBikes thing and here is how it started. We were in the back yard last weekend and this kid that my son knows comes rolling into our backyard on this thing. I was like what is that he says I don't know I just bought it off...
  5. Rupp Rider 52

    New Member: Rupp Rider 52

    Hello Everyone, Just a short intro about my interest in Mini Bikes. I began riding at age 10 on a old used Fox Mini Bike that I purchased from my sister's husband for $50.00 dollars. That was 1962. I converted the straight chain drive to a Jack Shaft Drive for better acceleration. Our...
  6. T

    Scat cat ,trail rider,keystone or grand prix

    I have no idea with one this is would like to find proper wheels.......and info on it thanks
  7. S

    Arco ez rider alex reynolds Tecumseh HS40

    Runs, 750 obo
  8. novadose74

    trade for super rare Fox chopper forks/ARCO EZ rider front end

    Hi everyone. I'm looking the front forks for my ARCO EZ rider chopper. As you can see, I have an EXTREMELY rare Fox chopper front end on it now. I'm willing to trade that front end for the EZ rider front forks. If you have by some miracle, a Fox chopper frame lying around, I would like to buy it...
  9. skarrd

    new member,old rider

    Howdy all, I am originally from Arizona,been here 20 + years.i rode mini's a lot when I was yoiunger,only had one since moving here,traded it to my neighbor for auto work/repairs.will end up with another,i enjoy them more than 4 wheelers or full size 2 wheelers.and my woman doesn't worry as...
  10. topnotch

    Alexander Reynolds (EZ) Easy Rider

    Here is a complete Alexander Reynolds Easy Rider just in time for Christmas all you need to do to this one is paint it, if you choose to do so. I never got around to painting it got around to painting it because I enjoyed riding it so much. This is my all around go to rider. It has a good set so...
  11. Outlaw Ace

    Arco EZ Rider forks with correct handlebar clamps

    Forks seem to be in good shape may be a bit loose in the lowers but most are the chrome on the springs is OK for a rider. Clamps are in good shape other than the chrome which is a bit rough. No bars. PM me for pics or I'll post em in a week per the rules should they last that long. Will take...
  12. Outlaw Ace

    Arco EZ Rider seat shocks with seat pivot and seat to shock bracket.

    Will not separate, shocks work fine brackets in good shape. If you have a suspended Arco that has been pillaged this is what you need to correctly mount the seat. PM me for pics or Ill post em in 7 days per the rules should the items linger. $100 shipped for everything.
  13. Outlaw Ace

    Arco Bushwhacker or EZ Rider fuel tank

    I have a nice Arco tank with the factory outlet intact, has remnants or the decal left you'll have to remove. Has bolts and a cap but maybe not the correct cap although it fits. I must get $120 shipped for it or I'll Ebay it. PM me for pics but be patient, Ill be taking them tomorrow but...
  14. ugmold

    1970 Easy Rider Trike

    Just saw this on my local CL, not mine.. 1970 easy rider 100% original minibike
  15. cruhr1

    ARCO E-Z Rider CL Find

    I just picked this bike up today. It had been listed on cl for several weeks before I bought it. (Someone on here posted a thread about it) I couldn't resist when the seller all of the sudden dropped the price to $125. The front forks need some love but the bike looks complete and it appears to...
  16. R

    1970 easy rider 100% original minibike (trike)

  17. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Windber Trail Rider: Gilson "Copperhead"

    Got this Gilson from a member a few weeks ago. Been thrashing like crazy to get it ready for Windber. A few pics to give you an idea of what I'm up to....more details to come.
  18. piglet

    Arco easy rider question

    Would this have come with a gas tank up by the seat originally?
  19. Iron Honky

    Custom Arco Chopper-ez rider

    Custom built arco chopper. Black with purple flake powder coating. Late model hs40 with new decals ( will need a tune up to run). 18" ape hangers. Nos arco gas tank. Custom decals. Nos double indian tires. Krause Kustom seat. Show bike. Selling for the wife. Wants me to build her something else...
  20. E

    New rider from Qc, Parnelli Jones KV75

    I'm in the process of finishing up a 78 MT1. Bought it disassemble (partly my fault while draining a few beers in the garage), from a buddy of mine with a bunch of new parts; cables, emblems, handles, tires, chains & sprockets. Came with papers, Yeah! Had the frame sandblasted repainted &...