1. F

    Billet Rod Wear?

    Anyone have experience with billet rods? I would like to use one in a Tecumseh HS50 for street use I have a concern about rod journal bore wear? Stock cast rods are hard and hold up well as far as wear goes, billet rods tend to be made of softer aluminum possibly prone to wear in continuous high...
  2. N

    Domed hemi hot rod

    fOR SALE Domed piston hemi build. All the good stuff. Arc long rod. Wiseco custom machine dome piston .110" dome. Fits inside a stock hemi chamber only. 27/25 stainless valves. 26*springs. Valve job. Slight port n polish. Quad crank bearings. Ambush billet covers custom finned. Raceseng...
  3. DeadPixel

    Heavy duty cast aluminum rod?

    Was looking at performance parts and found a cast aluminum high performance rod. I have seen these in a few places. Any one run these. I found a stage 1 kit that has a PLV cast flywheel, 18LB springs and the heavy duty aluminum rod. I already have a billet rod and my flywheel but am wondering...
  4. ugmold

    H60 blown rod

    I dragged (another) old Ariens snowblower from the side of the road in nice shape, electric start, gas tank clean. It has a snapped rod. I knew this and hoped it didn't take out the piston, but it took some skirt off. The engine is H60 75003H 8163 Looks like the rod is 31380C Piston 33312B...
  5. O

    49cc Honda push rod engine unusual serial number

    Hi, I am new to the forum so thanks in advance for accepting me. I mainly collect and tinker with old cars now as my health has taken a turn and my wife tells me I am too old to ride anymore. I am building a small bike for my grandson and I picked up this Honda engine that I can not find...

    non-hemi rod question

    Hey yall. Ive got a non hemi 212 on my mini bike and Im getting parts up, dont want to go real crazy but ive got billet fly wheel, mod2 cam, 26lb springs, jetted carb, cone filter, and a nice header. What rod from ARC should i use the standard or plus 20? not planning on doing any head work or...
  7. W

    Help! Trying to prevent con Rod failure

    Hi, I'm new on this forum. Im currently working on a project trying to increase the horsepower on a old mini bike engine (Briggs 3hp) without using any aftermarket parts. I did a lot of work to get more power and rpm. Now I want to increase to tolerances of the internals. The stock...
  8. bikebudy

    1934 ToT Rod Roadster Coupe

    So, A buddy of mine picks up this 34 Fiberglass Body go-kart Chassis and Body , needs engine and work done. So, He asks me. Recycled 6.5 Clone that was used on a water pump. Cables, Brake band, Re-locate pedals. Added, Front & rear bumper, Chrome front fenders. Made a choice on the short...
  9. 125ccCrazy

    New ARC gx340, gx390, gx420, gx440 billet rod 4.45" Sell or Trade

    I have a new ARC billet rod +.040 for big block Honda, Clone, Predator...after purchasing the rod and other parts the rod is going to be too long for the piston I have unless the piston is milled so I would prefer to trade for a stock length ARC rod or sell for $125 loss, your gain....
  10. OND

    HS 40 Carb to Govenor Linkage Rod Number

    Just like the title says, I need the Tec part number for the linkage rod that goes from the governor to the carb on a HS 40 engine. I think it might be 32698 , can anyone confirm that # for me ?
  11. jackeo21

    2HP Restoration/Hot Rod

    Good evening folks, It's been quite some time since my last restoration thread so I've decided to make a little comeback :thumbsup: The Candidate: A 1969 Briggs and Stratton 2HP, with a vaccu-jet carburetor and 5/8" crankshaft The Plan: To make a tough, reliable engine that looks better...
  12. Doodads

    Stock Clone Rod

    Looking for a stock clone rod to replace a knocker that's aimed for a tiller. Hoping someone has a takeoff laying around from a build? Please PM me with info! Can paypal as a gift or M.O. Thanks in advance.... :thumbsup::biggrin:
  13. SimpleTom

    Updated the tires on my Rat/Hot Rod Trail Horse

    I think it looks better with the 5.30/4.50-6 tire on the back and while I was at it I painted on the white walls. I also have another bike just about done in the same Rat/Hot Rod theme. The frame came from Ray/ Iron Honky which he got from Chad/ minibikin'.
  14. C

    Help with Predator 79cc bent push rod

    I have a 79cc completely stock engine with about 10 hrs of runtime. Last time trying to start it the pull cord felt like it got hung up. I gave it good hard pull and it came free. Now pulling it I feel no resistance or compression. Pulled it apart and found a bent rod that I believed happened...
  15. james ackerman

    My race build/ rat rod bike.

    Just throwing some things together to build this bike, what's everyone's thoughts. Started with a mongomery wards frame, fox forks and bars, not sure what the front tire is off of but it has a disc brake on it so I spend the evening mocking up a mount for the rotor. Customised 80s honda 125...
  16. B

    Beater Tri Rod 3 wheeler for sale.

    Just stumbled on this forum. Was wanting to sell the old 3 wheeler to get more room in the garage. The good. It runs, or did last time it was parked, couple years ago. The bad The tires are shot. They hold air, but not for very long. It was not complete when I got it, I put in a...
  17. JohnnyTillotson

    Foot brake push rod

    I need a rear foot brake push rod like this one only shorter. Its for a Toyoco Beta 400 and i picked up this Honda one but its way too long. The one i need is about 13 inches. I dont see how this one can be shortened without welding. Want one with its spring, cleavis and so forth on it.
  18. J

    Threaded Axle Rod

    Hey Guys! I'm starting to build a homemade mini bike. And i'm having trouble locating a rear axle (Since i live in Argentina and things are not as easy to find as in America). What i've found is a threaded rod that fits the wheel. It's 1 inch diameter, so pretty big. But it's threaded... do you...
  19. R

    Help me pick out a bilet rod...

    I have a 212 hemi on my motovox 13Tclutch 75rear sprocket. Mods are ARC Flywheel 1.75lb +8* BT 32*total Intake spacer/cold air Gx140 tube .037 jet 26lb springs Straight pipe I also have a tach/hour meter so I can monitor my oil changes and rpm. So..... I am on my second...