1. Biffmini

    frozen sebac shock

    I have a set of sebac shocks I'm planing to disassemble and restore. One of them is free and working, other is frozen so i put it in the press to try to free it up, now it's froze in the compressed position. I've read some threads on disassembly and planing to try the heat and brake fluid trick...
  2. markus

    Sebac shock Long lower section wanted/trade

    Sebac shocks came in an array of sizes The typical 12/14 stamped series on the mini bikes the lowers is what made the length changes. I am looking for a match to longer than normal one I have or a good pair of them even maybe. Its only a 1/4" longer, but it would make all the difference for...
  3. Not so mini bike

    Sebac Shock tear down

    I know what you're thinking and it's not those ones. It is the ones that look like the taco shocks. There's seems to be some decent compression and wanted to clean them up and use them on my bonanza build. There's some dirt/mud/grime stuck in the overlapping housing. Has anyone takin these apart...
  4. j57little

    Rupp Roadster 2 Shock Disassembly

    I've seen Sebac disassembly on You Tube, but the 71 and later Rupps are different from what's on line. Any how-to's available for Rupp shock disassembly? And I'd still appreciate any leads on a set of 12 inch Rupp wheels! Thanks!
  5. Taco Loco Joe

    Taco 44 shock fix

    Bought a Taco 44 with a bent, broken shock. They are hard to find. I took it apart and found the cast aluminum part was busted in half. Lucky for me we have a lathe and a Machinist at the Door shop I Work at. He started with 1-1/2" round aluminum. Now I have a better stronger replacement part...
  6. Ajf

    Rupp 1970 up rear lower shock tube

    I need 1 rupp shock or just the lower black tube. I need to replace one that has a twisted eyelet and chain rash. I need at least the tube to be in good condition. Thanks
  7. R

    Taco 44-66 Shock Eyelets

    Looking for new Taco 44-66 Shocks eyelet replacements Any info or leads appreciated Thanks Robert
  8. S

    Baja Heat shock oil change

    Hey guys title says it all. My socks are becoming a little weak and iv been told changing the oil makes a world of difference. What oil should i use and how is it done?? Thanks!!
  9. P

    bonanza rear shock struts (inside part)

    need just the inside strut, had my covers replated, and I see OldMiniBikes has springs
  10. birdmanx3

    help with rusty 12" shock springs

    On my 4th bird build now.... I was hoping to get some help with derusting the shocks(springs)? Can these 12"s be broke down so i can soak the springs? Yes 4th bird... I can't help myself, i see those little ape hangers and i have to bring it home.
  11. Radford46

    El Tigre rear shock size

    What is the shock size for the El Tigre rear shock? Anyone?
  12. D

    Rupp Continental Rear Shock Length

    I'm trying to find out what the rear shock length is for a '67 Rupp Continental. I don't have the originals as the PO welded some tubing in its place, making it a hardtail if you will. I'm going to put the suspension back on it. Thanks for the info!
  13. S

    Murray Track 2 replacement mono shock

    Has anyone ever replaced their mono shock? What did you use?
  14. jeep2003

    Custom Trailer for My Goliath Mini Tank

    Right guys Iv been working on a trailer for my Goliath tank. I figured why spend 300$ on a harbor freight trailer when all I really want is the axle and springs. So I scrouged up everything I need for it. I even managed to make an axle so all I had to buy was the springs. I had a long length of...
  15. Dans1970Z20

    Bonanza 1100>1200 conversion. What to use for rear upper shock mount?

    Adding rear swing arm to a Bonanza 1100. Will need to weld on upper shock mounts to frame. Are these sold by anyone or what have you guys used. Figured I would tap into your experience. Thanks Dan
  16. T

    Bonanza Front Fork Boot & Rear Shock Questions

    Im just putting together a BC-1200 that I bought a few months ago after re-paint and general restoration. I'm noticing that the bottom part of the chrome upper for the right rear shock has been beat in pretty good, in order to clear the chain on a larger diameter sprocket. Did Bonanza build them...
  17. J

    Indian mm5a spare shock parts ??

    Does anyone have any mismatched shock parts off the indian mm5a or itajet m5a ?? Looking for the lower shock mount w/ the rubber grommet and metal sleeve insert ?? This piece unscrews from the lower shock tube attached to the rear swing arm.. Thank you, Marilyn.. :grind:
  18. Not so mini bike

    Rupp roadster2 rear shock

    Looking for one rear shock. Would like the chrome spring to be in ok-good condition. Not stuck. Let me know. Just need one to complete my parts list.
  19. J

    Indian mm5a Shock part

    Does anyone have any spare indian mm5a rear shock pieces ?? Just need 1 lower grommet w/ metal sleeve & housing still intact.. This is the piece that unscrews from the lower end of the shock.. ( See Upper threaded piece in photo..Thanx
  20. G

    Scrambler rear shock dissassemble

    Can anyone tell me how to take apart the rear shocks on a scrambler.Thanks