1. Zooming993

    35 R EK Space Chain

    Listing is for 6' (72") of brand new EK 35 R Space Chain. I purchased 10' from Comet Kart but I only ended up needing 4'. I will include one (1) new master link, $18.00 plus shipping. If you have any questions, please ask.
  2. gumpit

    Too small for me. And they take up space but are cool.

    Mid 60's Dune Buggy
  3. Midyrman

    EK Space Chain / Offset Link?

    Has anyone been confronted with the need for an offset link for EK Sliver #35 space chain? OldMiniBikes doesn't have one. Thanks. Tom
  4. GustoGuy

    I replaced my stock chain with a #35 Space chain and It works so much better.

    About 2 weeks ago my stock Doodle Bug chain gave up the ghost. One of the links slide over and the chain started to slap really bad and some of the links were even bent. I found an awesome chain on Comet Karts sales called a #35 space chain and I purchased a 5-foot section to replace my stock...
  5. S

    posting pics

    I cant get my picture to load, ive always gone to the forum and new post, then manage attachments, then clicked add file. but my space is full and i need to delete them. how the heck do you delete them?
  6. W

    Third world space program
  7. we4amigos

    Alsport Tri-Sport ANYTHING ?

    It appears my mini bike addiction has been brought under control. However I have now developed a Alsport addiction. I can't help myself,,and at this stage of the addiction all I can do is feed it !!! If you have a trike parked away taking up valuable space or parts for a future project shoot...
  8. we4amigos

    Tri-Sport RTS/MTS Fiberglass Body

    Here's a Tri-Sport MTS-RTS series ( I believe) fiberglass body that's in pretty good shape! A scuff and paint and she'll be ready to roll again. I'd really like to see this go to a member who would get some use out of it. It's taking up about $20 !!?? I'll even meet ya with it if...

    Space ship for sale on craigs list

    Space Ship Carnival Ride
  10. GustoGuy

    Does anyone know how wide the space is on the fork for an old school DB30?

    Unfortunately I have my DB30 at my cabin 57 miles away so I can not measure it and I am not able to find the answer on the Internet. I was looking at this website that sells front forks and triple trees and I would like to use the front tire off the existing DB30 but I do not know how wide the...
  11. alexp

    Picture space

    I realized that im running out of room to upload pictures to the site. What can i do about this? any answers greatly appriciated. :thumbsup:
  12. Strigoi

    space shuttle launch viewed from air plane

    pretty friggin' cool. :freakout: YouTube - Space Shuttle Launch: Viewed From an Airplane
  13. cncd11

    space chain

    ive been looking through the forum and know what space chain is but is the chain that much better then standard #35 chain? and if you can post a side by side pic so i can see the difference.