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    TAV2-30 series torque converter zinc weights.
  2. 20190523_193138.jpg


    Checking stock ignition timing of GX160 engine.
  3. 20190523_193057.jpg


    Checking stock ignition timing of GX160 engine.
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    Checking stock ignition timing of GX160 engine.
  5. M

    CT200u-ex hemi or stock ?

    Hello all, Im wondering if any one has some advice. I Have a few options here but I would like to ditch the jack shaft and install a cvt on it, with this I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations on the rear sprocket for a good gear ratio pared with the cvt. maybe a 60 tooth...
  6. D

    Speedway mini bike parts new old stock on ebay!!!

    Parts listed in wrong section about to go off cheap look up speedway mini bike new old stock light set. Not in the normal vintage mini bike section 9 closed bags to make the speedway street legal.
  7. B

    Stock hemi predictor first mod

    Hi guys , Got some time to play. Like to add a few things to my Duddle bug . I got a stock hemi preidtor and got some time to play around. What would be the first mods to do on her? Any suggestions
  8. D

    Loose Flywheel Nut on DB30R Stock 97cc Engine

    My pull start is out of commission and while waiting on the new assembly to arrive, I tried starting the engine using a cordless drill and 11/16 socket. The engine started up, but the nut on the impeller loosened up and caused the impeller to fall off while the engine was running. I tried...
  9. P

    Murry Track 2 Stock Tires

    Looking for some good ones:confused:
  10. DeadPixel

    UT2 head compared to my box stock.

    So I bought this UT2 head and was pretty excited about it. It has a 18cc chamber so it raises compression on my 196 and it has a 26mm intake valve. Last night I found it had a 23mm exhaust not a 24mm as well. I thought O great as the GX200 and clones have disproportionate sized valves anyways...
  11. DeadPixel

    More lift from stock rockers?

    Can any one send me a link to a wright up on modifying the stock rocker arms for more lift. I searched quiet a bit last night and did not find anything. I know the kart racers do this some times to stay in spec. I already have a set of champions for my race motor and am going to be getting a set...
  12. G

    New Old Stock Comet 2 Speed Clutch

    I have a new never used Comet 2 speed jackshaft clutch I bought for a project that never materialized. Price is $160.00 shipping from 90242 Torque converter shown in photos is available in a separate post and is not included in this sale. more photos here...
  13. Phil1958

    Pure Stock Winber Parade Ride

    as some of you know i have had trials and tribulations trying to complete a winber parade. this year i am taking no chances. no last minute builds with crappy throttle cables, no running of out gas or oil, no excuses. i started out with an mx roller trying to put a torque converter on it...
  14. J

    Just got my second baja, the Mini Baja, is this stock or modified?

    Just traded in to this Baja Mini. So far it definitely needs new grips, throttle, possibly a tire, seat(broken bracket), and a thorough cleaning. Headlight is missing and I haven't looked in to it far enough to see if the wiring is still there for it. Has some kind of 6.5HP from the looks...
  15. D

    1970's Efenel new old stock frame assy

    Here's a 1970's new Efenel mini bike frame. Frame with forks and kickstand. Never used leftover stock at a dealership. Some others available. $225
  16. Davis

    140 vs stock emulsion tube

    This was just brought up in another thread and I'm curious as to everyone else's experience on this.
  17. Sprocket86

    Bone stock Honda GX200 6.5hp

    Hi there. Going to be building up a DB 30 with a 6.5 hp genuine Honda GX200 and a Centrifugal clutch for a race series that another member on here has organized. I would like to lightly modify this box stock GX200 with a header/muffler pipe that will fit around a DB 30 or Dirt Bug frame...
  18. E

    Pz27 on stock gx160 ?

    Have some carb issues and am wondering if I can use a pz27 on my engine.if show what kind of setup is needed I'm planning on a 212 build since I have the 212 I like the pz27 so I can use it when the new engine is done
  19. J

    Saddle Bags!? Custom Fab? Any Stock?

    Hey Guys, We are building a Bad Dog Gigantic and we are in the fab up process right now. I am looking at options for small saddle bags so i can take stuff up to our clubhouse and putz around the neighborhood with pool towel and stuff. Long story short i cant find any! Anybody got any...
  20. markus

    Paint on muffler, best adhesion method (stock painted style)?

    Time has come for me to do a few engines where the exhaust really does need to be painted same as the engine for the most "stock" appearance. I am starting on a white side exhaust for a customer for a Barris that uses the big flat round muffler and I have 4 1967-1969 (2 H35 and 2 HS40's) that I...