1. outcrydrummer

    Looking for info.. Stock Hemi Predator peak hp and tq without governor

    Hi guys just looking for some info on a stock hemi predator. I'm running a racing kart next year in the stock predator class and I'm just curious to if anyone knows stock peak tq and hp rpm's without governor. We are allowed to adjust the governor for up to 5500 rpm ( most of us limit it...
  2. IJG

    stock or rejeted?

    I upgraded a friends motor with an intake & exhaust, What carburator can he utilize on the 6.5 loncin 196cc other than the stock ruixing?

    Will advanced timing make any difference on a stock engine?

    If I have a stock engine (gov properly removed) will the billet flywheel with advanced timing change anything?
  4. BWL

    Box Stock Engine?

    Any one built a motor from a Box Stock motor?
  5. C

    customizing stock forks and frame

    I've just got my first mini to fix up, It's a sensation mb6a. Is this bike something that should be kept in stock form or is it average enough to make it viable for mods? First I only have the frame and fork/handle bar and front wheel, they are original and in good condition, I've located a rear...

    Looking for an unwanted stock clone flywheel

    I want to make a video and try to dispel or prove the flywheel myths, kinda mythbusters style. If someone has one they can send me, I'll gladly give honorable mention in the video. Thanks. Joe
  7. Doodads

    Stock Clone Rod

    Looking for a stock clone rod to replace a knocker that's aimed for a tiller. Hoping someone has a takeoff laying around from a build? Please PM me with info! Can paypal as a gift or M.O. Thanks in advance.... :thumbsup::biggrin:
  8. Mini-fever

    Rejet Predator 212 with stock airbox?

    Hey guys I have a Predator 212 with a header. Is there any advantage to rejet the carb if I'm using a stock air box? Or just leave it alone? I really think a aftermarket filter would get physically destroyed on my bike. I also do tons of riding in the dirt and the stock box does an amazing job...
  9. ShapeShifter

    Stock Predator Wont Idle

    Was running great on 4th of July week. Parked it for a few weeks, then last weekend it only stayed idling with choke on. If I hit throttle with choke off it ran, but only at high speed close to WOT. I made no adjustments after it was parked. Any ideas?
  10. Fisher1983

    Stock Db30 Engine (Dont Laugh!) :)

    All stock DB30 engine, this is the Lifan branded version with adjustable carb. The carb leaks a little but the engine runs and runs well. Air filter housing is busted up and the foam is gone. $50 bucks, will ship on buyers dime. PM me your zip and Ill get a quote. PM email addy for pics if you...
  11. markus

    stock cam specs listed somewhere??

    Anyone know if the stock cam specs for the small frame engines are listed/shown anywhere online or anything like that. Wanting to compare the H30-35 to the HS40/50 to see if they are the same duration and lift from the comfort of my office chair :laugh:
  12. ashbyota

    Stock Predator 212 Muffler.

    Does anyone have one they can part with,(stock muffler) to help a cool guy out that I sold my stretched Doodlebug to? His neighbors are complaining now so I'd like to help him quiet it down a bit. THX---Steven!!! That's the exhaust I made that's too loud!!! I told him about the site...
  13. gumpit

    Wanted: stock clone air filter like pictured

    I need 2 air filters like the one on this engine. Ones that go down instead of up. So check those parts bins... New 6 5 HP Engine Go Cart Tiller Log Splitter 6 5HP Gas Motor Mini Bike Recoil | eBay
  14. Sixpac440

    Who sells a gas cap for an MBX11? Stock 97cc motor.

    The one I have spits gas out of the vent when the tank is full. Or is there another issue here?
  15. R

    Tecumseh 1994 H50 New old stock in the box!

    Hi I purchased this NOS Tec H-50 engine about 8 months ago .The year should be 1994 H50 65403 (B) 4088D\ 3/4" Keyed Shaft I have too many engines and unfortunately wont be using this one any time soon Its in the same condition unused -No oil or gas ever added-in the box as when i purchased...
  16. L

    Misc mini bike parts + stock db parts

    upload gif from url db30 engines without pull start each Barely any run time ( will need to set up throttle linkage)- 65$ shipped also will throw in a 3/8" clutch max torque for 5$ gas tanks 15$ shipped db30 fenders metal - 20 shipped they are not in the best condition plastic fenders 10...
  17. D

    DB30 Stock 97 cc Engine Question

    I just recently inherited an old style (metal fenders) DB30. I'm trying to understand the purpose of the small black tube that goes from the back of the air filter into the side of the engine. What is it? What is it's purpose? Since it is connected to the air filter, does that mean it is...
  18. J

    How many RPM can stock GX340 handle?

    I have two electric-start GX340s. How many RPM can the stock Honda flywheels and connecting rods handle without failing? I'm wanting to build a fat tire woods bike and MAYBE remove the thing that shall not be mentioned here. I'm not wanting to run 8,000 RPM or anything. I don't want to drag race...
  19. I

    Offset grinding, chromeplating. Stroking a stock briggs crank.

    So I need to stroke my stock b&s crank to accomodate fire this 3.375 rod and my .565 compression height piston I have, and I will need to have it offset ground .125 then have it ground down .030 to make a clean surface for the chrome, then chrome plate it till its exactly 1.0000". But do I need...