1. B

    Crankcase cover swap?

    I just picked up a 5hp B&S flathead cart engine from a friend but I need the crankcase cover with the 4 holes for my clutch brake. Are all the 5hp covers the same? I'm mechanically inclined but have never change one, is it as easy as pop to old one off, replace the gasket and put the new one on...
  2. SimpleTom

    Saw these at a swap meet today

  3. countstevula

    Carlisle, PA Spring Swap

    Anyone else here???? My first time here and I'm overwhelmed already, it's a huge event. A LOT of mini bikes, dirt bikes, go carts. Mostly smaller bikes, the fat tire bikes that I saw were not for sale. Many DBs, bajas, mancos, some Bronccos, fox, even a skat kitty. Also a sperry rand tri...
  4. boatguy

    Swap Meet Find!

    Walked into a small swap meet at 6:30AM and saw this---put it in the car before 7AM! Frame in excellent shape--original front end but missing one down tube--original sissy bar. Wheels, seat and foot pegs not right--now what to do with it! All in all a good day.
  5. Abit1322

    Grand Rapids OH swap

    I recently came across a bicycle swap meet flyer in grand rapids OH. Is this like Ann Arbor mi swap with Minis too or just all bicycles? Anyone been there before?
  6. Street Smart

    Raceway Park Englishtown swap meet 4/15-4/17

    Lookin like great weather this weekend in our area. As always I have a spot on the pit side of the track near the old gas pumps F46-48. I`ll be there Sat and probably Sun, look for my orange `70 Chevy panel truck.
  7. countstevula

    Snowmobile Show and Swap

    A power sports salvage yard had a snowmobile show and swap with some interesting turn outs. Enjoy the pictures
  8. G

    Swap meet.

    Popped up on a Craigslist search. Iowa Classic Cycle & Scooter Swap Meet at Humboldt, IA. Roger
  9. Danny01

    snowblower 212 engine swap

    has anyone swapped out the engine on their snowblower for a 212 Predator? I was thinking it could be a cool/fun summer project for me
  10. P

    74' Super Bronc TAV Help - Engine Swap Help

    Good Morning OldMiniBikes, I am in the final stages of restoring a Heald Super Bronc that was my Grandpa's Uncle's ice fishing machine. I received this unit in non-functioning condition. The screw that attached the choke butterfly to the shaft let loose, and both the screw and butterfly was taken...
  11. mikez

    Swap meet,Springfeild,IL

    Go Kart Swap Meet-Springfeild IL. State Fair Grounds-ORR Building(indoor) 1/22/16-5pm-9pm--1/23/16 9AM-3PM.Alot of Go Kart parts,wheels,tires,brakes,axles,frames,engine parts and a stray mini bike or 2! Food,drinks and warm friendly conversation!
  12. boatguy

    Swap Meet

    Had our last large indoor swap meet this weekend and I sold my Nasty Indian and Rat Wagon. When I delivered the bike today the gentleman had an almost new Briggs Animal motor and Comet Tav2 both in the original Briggs shipping box. He bought it for his grand daughters junior dragster and never...
  13. Abit1322

    Swap in Flint Mi

    Found this on Craigslist. I'm going to check it out, after all we need more swaps and shows! Snowmobile Show and Swap(Says mini bikes too) http://flint.craigslist.org/snw/5341128023.html 1st Annual East Flint Lions Club Snowmobile show and swap. Dec. 12th, 2015. 8 am until 5 pm...
  14. T

    Found a 1969 - 22 at Turlock Car Swap Today

    I found this 1969 Taco 22 - Serial # 9P3 at Turlock Car Swap Today I'm curious about the Front Forks ? Thanks Mark B -
  15. Harleys Papa

    Lake Compounce Swap Meet

    I am going and going to try and sell of some of the stuff I don't need and will never get to :thumbsup: Anyone who lives close enough and wants to put their stuff on my trailer can bring it to my house the weekend before or the Friday before, we can pile it high and split the cost of the site...
  16. D

    Instructions with OldMiniBikes swap plate

    I ordered two engine swap plates for the two db30s I bought for my boys this week. The kit didn't come with any instructions on where to drill. Could someone give me some measurements on where to drill for the plate, or some instructions. Any help will be much appreciated.
  17. Jamie1972

    @@Hot Dog Hut..Annual Minibike Swap meet and gathering@@

    It's official!!!! Back by Popular demand! :thumbsup:The Hot Dog Hut of Wayne, NJ will be holding its annual "Minibike Swap Meet and Gathering"!!!! On October 18th, 2015.... 8am-3pm...in the parking lot of the Famous...HOT DOG HUT, by Owner Mike (Choppernut) a fellow OldMiniBikes Member. Mike contacted me...
  18. A

    MonsterMoto B-80 Engine swap with predator 212 instructions

    Hey guys, I'm planning on switching out the old engine for a new upgraded predator 212CC engine but I'm not sure of all the steps I need to take when installing it on my MMB-80. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I plan on doing a straight line from the clutch to the back wheel.
  19. S

    clone lots of compression after head and cam swap

    Ok i got a brand new box stock project engine just put in a black mamba cam a 22cc head milled .65 26lb springs and 26/25 valves this is my first engine I did I can't seem to get the valve lash set right when I tighten down on the 10mm head screw holding back the 14mm one the gap closes to...
  20. Cubenzo

    Another Michigan swap this year?

    Any more swaps in Michigan this year ?(2015) Thanks.