1. Abyssion

    Hi, Tillotson 212 head swap with predator hemi?

    Hi, I have a tillotson 212 with Hotmod 2 cam and billet rod, 22lb spring, 212R Cast Alum Flywheel. I wanted to swap my head just temporarily to the predator hemi 212 because my right intake valve has bent on the original tillotson head. I have the parts coming but I just want to ride. Thank you.
  2. Baja_brandon96

    Doodlebug Predator swap....low top speed?

    Hey all! Forgive me for being spotty in my postings, i have rather poor internet here in camp. So after getting my Doodlebug running well, i enjoyed it for a bit with the stock 97cc engine. Was quite reliable, and easy to handle. Struggled with inclines, but it had a respectable 27mph top...
  3. B

    Sunday September 10th. Long Island VINTAGE Mini bike swap meet. BUY SELL TRADE

    Sunday September 10th. Long Island Mini bike swap meet. BUY SELL TRADE From 9am to 2pm FREE!! 70 Baiting Place Rd. Farmingdale NY 11735 Come on down and check out some Kool Vintage mini bikes and Go karts. Buy, Sell or trade min bik es, go karts and parts.
  4. E

    Predator 212 Swap on Baja Dirtbug - engine vibrations

    So I swapped a Predator 212 onto a Baja Dirtbug and it runs great. Used an engine mounting plate and it fits very tight but fits and works. But the engine shakes so bad at 1/4 - 1/2 throttle. It shakes so bad that it throws the chain. Any idea why this could be? I read that it could be because...
  5. R

    Did my first Predator swap today...

    And boy was it easy... Grabbed a Baja Dirt Bug this past weekend for a decent price. Needed nothing but a rear tire...bald and slow leak. Had already ordered a Predator for my Motovox MBX11, which is like brand new. Decided to put it on the Baja instead. Had the old engine off in 5 minutes...
  6. B

    Hisun 5/8 crank swap

    Will pred 212 3/4 crankshaft fit the hisun 196cc engine is on Coleman ct200u if that matters
  7. C

    coleman ct200u with predator 420cc swap?

    Hey guys, I just picked up the mini bike after searching for a while and i know besides doing the popular mods to the stock engine, or throwing a 212cc predator engine into it. Has anyone swapped a 420cc predator engine in it? from the looks of it, looks like it would fit in the same space. Any...
  8. J

    bonanza find at mansfield mass swap meet

    Picked this up 2 weeks ago. I recognized the wheels and the frame looked like a scout. cost was very reasonable and it runs. The engine is a hybrid of parts and the brakes do not work well. the tires needed 2 tubes which i did today and i got the brake pads on order from OldMiniBikes. the seat might be...
  9. G

    Murray Track 2 Engine Swap

    I have a Murray Track 2 that I am going to swap the engine on. I am swapping it with a Honda GC160 5hp engine. It came from a pressure washer. I am thinking of getting a new max torque clutch. Is there anything else I need to buy along with the new clutch? Does anyone know if the 3.5hp...
  10. Silverfleet

    Swap Meet Death Trap

    Hi Everybody, I just picked up this thing at a swap meet over the weekend. It appears to have an 8hp Tecumseh on it, and it's a bit scary. I've already started tearing it down and started shopping for some parts. Anyone recognize the frame? Any and all help would be much...
  11. Hemibrad

    Minibike Show and Swap Meet in NJ Sept 10, 2017

    There will be minibike show in New Jersey Sunday September 10th 2017 this show will be in cooperation with the Boys & Girls Club of Clifton benefit card truck and motorcycle show. We will have our own separate area within the show. The Minibike show and swap meet will be in a covered area...
  12. B

    Sunday May 21st L.I. Mini bike show & swap meet.

    L.I. Mini Bike Show and Swap Meet next show is set for Sunday May 21st from 9a.m. to 3p.m. BUY - SELL - SWAP - SHOW Vintage mini bikes, go karts, trikes and parts for sale and swap. Sorry No dirt bikes, quads or ATVs permitted. Thanks to everyone who came out to support the event in March...
  13. B

    Sunday May 21st L.I. Mini bike show and swap meet.

    L.I. Mini Bike Show and Swap Meet next show is set for Sunday May 21st from 9a.m. to 3p.m. BUY - SELL - SWAP - SHOW Vintage mini bikes, go karts, trikes and parts for sale and swap. Sorry No dirt bikes, quads or ATVs permitted. Same person banned from last months show has a lifetime Ban...
  14. Fantic Freddy

    Canfield Swap meet- Ohio

    Dave & Ed's Super Auto Events Canfield Swap Meet, Car Corral & Sunday Car Show, , OH | Ohio. Find it here. The weather looks rainy, but it's a nice event, mostly car related, but mini bike and motorcycle parts can be found there too.
  15. B

    This Sunday April 23rd. L.I. Mini bike show and swap meet. Farmingdale NY

    THIS SUNDAY!! April 23rd L.I. Mini bike show and swap meet.[/B][/B] 9a.m. to 3p.m. BUY - SELL - SWAP - Hang Out Buy and Sell Vintage mini bikes, go kart, trikes and parts. Come and see some really awesome Local mini bikes and a few from the West Coast. OldMiniBikes's Master builder Dan E Boy's...
  16. J

    6.5 Predator(#60363) swap on old Baja Blitz, have questions.

    Picked up an old and completely stock Baja Blitz out a field on some property my parents bought and it was missing right grip/throttle/throttle cable, had a seized clutch and chain, and the caliper was beyond repair. I got it running as-is with a little elbow grease and PB Blaster but it...
  17. aarron


    MID-OHIO CLASSIC SCOOTER and SWAP MEET @ PLAIN CITY, OHIO Vintage Scooter Meet will be held on May 17th thru May 20th 2017 at Pastime Park, Plain City, Ohio
  18. B

    L.I. Mini Bike Show and Swap Meet Sunday April 23rd.

    /forum/photopost/data/500/mb8.jpg'][/url] ni bikes.com/forum/photopost/data/500/parts41.jpg'][/url] /photopost/data/500/thumbs/trike_lil_indian.jpg[/img][/url] / photopost/data/500/thumbs/mbcover2.jpg[/img][/url] mbs/mb34.jpg[/img][/url] L.I. Mini Bike Show and Swap Meet Sunday...
  19. Woody212

    Early H35 swap meet score

    Even the losers get lucky sometimes. I was at an auto swap meet and spotted this early Tec holding a trailer door open. I got it for $20! I didn't know if it would be a parts motor or a runner, but knew it was out of a mini bike. The guy told me came out of a Golden Pinto that he had at home...
  20. richtrix

    NCVBA's 7th annual Minibike & Bicycle Show & Swap Sat. May 6th, Eden, NC

    We will be having our 7th Annual Bicycle and Minibike Swap meet & Show on Saturday, May 6th, 2017 from 9:00am to 4:00pm. This is a inside/outside show with plenty of room and parking. All Bicycles, Minibikes and related items are welcome. There will be show awards and door prizes. There are no...