1. jeep4me

    Planning a swap meet in Grand Rapids, MI

    I've talked with a local business owner in Grand Rapids and he has okay'd the use of his parking lot for the use of having a minibike swap meet / sale. Only enough room for about 15 vendors, but that should be plenty.... for now. Cost would be $10 per 8x12 space. Anybody in the West...
  2. blkscorpion80

    Db engine swap plate

    Engine swap plate for the Db. Looking for a used one in good condition with all hardware. I want to trade, but have cash.
  3. Jag57

    wayne NJ swap meet?

    Anybody have any info on this? time of year, Location,anything????
  4. M

    Motor city minis 1st annual show and swap

    Motor city minis is presenting our 1st annual show and swap! 4 different classes for the show; restored-unrestored-custom-rat rod. 1st, 2nd & 3rd place trophies in each category. Each bike entry is $10. 10x10 swap meet spaces are $20. $3 general addmission. The date is march 24, 2013...
  5. P

    Warrior 420cc swap

    Does anyone know if a Predator 420cc motor will fit on a Baja Warrior frame? I'm also going to go with a torque convertor so I'm not concerned anything else. Thanks
  6. T

    Mini Baja MB165 swap in 125cc

    First post here but have been reading posts for some time. I have a MB165 and am looking to have some more fun with it. I take this camping and drive around at home and am thinking I want to add a 125cc 4 speed manual dirt bike engine. I am thinking of this motor as it also comes with the...
  7. T

    DoodleBastard - DoodleBug Engine Swap

    I was working on a friend's DoodleBug in the driveway and began to take a liking to it and was thinking of getting my own, when suddenly my neighbor came by and gave me his old one that was rotting out in the backyard. How about that surprise? Ha! Well, I'm spoiled I guess, maybe even just a...
  8. L

    Sacramento Cycle Swap Meet Sunday January 13, 2013 FREE Admission!

    Held at West-Wind Sacramento Drive-In Hours: 7am-1pm Admission: FREE Parking: $6.00 Address: 9616 Oates Drive Sacramento, Ca 95827 The Sacramento Cycle Swap Meet, held at the West Wind Drive In, is an “All Brands” event with over 100 vendors and over 500 bikes for show and sale. Riders...
  9. jeep4me

    Swap Meet Finds.....Michigan Style

    Went to a swap meet in Livonia to sell some bikes and ended up bring two home. (I did sell two, so I guess that makes it OK). One that I picked up is a Bug Flea, not completely original but still a hard to find bike in this part of the country. The other is an unknown minibike. But it looks...
  10. Todd R

    Old School Mini bike Holiday Swap and Show Dec. 29th!

    It's time for an Old School Minibike Holiday Parking Lot Swap and Show!!! Saturday December 29, 2012 from 10 - 3. Free Lunch served from 11-2. Free outdoor and parking lot swap, also indoor spots-- rain, snow or shine. Great chance to sell your stuff or find a part you need...Bring out your...
  11. M

    CT70 engine swap Lifan 125

    First off i just dug an old honda ct70 out of a barn and i am not really up for trying to restore the engine to working order again. Therefore i would like to buy the lifan 125 for 200 bucks off amazon. From what ive heard it should just bolt right on correct? Second, what other things will i...
  12. Ml-toys

    trisport front end swap

    i have this tyike and was considering swapping out the front with a full set of forks and front tire i have from a yamaha ttl125. has anyone done a swap like this ? i think the look of a taller tire would look good and the forks would give it a nice ride too.
  13. L

    So-Cal Cycle Swap Meet in Long Beach November 11, 2012

    Sunday November 11, 2012 Held at Long Beach City College Veteran's Stadium Hours: 7am-1pm Admission: $10 Parking: General Parking FREE Address: 5000 Lew Davis St. Long Beach, Ca 90808 Next Event December 23, 2012 The So-Cal Cycle Swap Meet is the largest monthly gathering of riders...
  14. 6doggie3

    $30 Bonanza swap meet build!

    Pick this up at the Stockton swap meet it will be my 1st build!
  15. joekd

    Lawn tractor motor swap discoveries

    I picked up a replacement 12.5 Briggs for my tractor, came off a model very close to mine and even included the pulleys so I didn't have to swap mine over The new motor top plate was missing the piece holding the oil dipstick so I just swapped top plates off my old engine Hooked up the...
  16. W

    Engine swap on Murray

    I recently bought a Murray mini track 2. I need some advice on putting a new motor on this frame with out to much complication. The old tecumseh motor is not wanting to stay running. After looking at some replacment parts I was thinking I may be better off to just start over. What say you?
  17. M

    3.5 Briggs carb swap

    I saw some topics on this before, but i cant find anything dealing with a 3.5 hp. i'm planning on putting it on a occ frame but it doesnt fit with the carb and gas tank. I was planning on putting an overhead gas tank on it. Any ideas on what size carb to use? im planning on doing some small...
  18. S

    carb swap

    i'v got a tecumseh 6.0 with a carb that has a primer and what to go to a carb that has a choke i see a lot of carbs on line that look the same but have different part numbers what will work and what do i look for?
  19. B

    anyone want to have a mini bike swap meet in michigan.

    i see a lot of swap meet postings and wanted to know if anyone wanted to have one in michigan. its good idea if your looking for a winter project or just something new.:grind:
  20. T

    db30 engine swap

    well i am new to the forum getting ready to do a engine swap on my db30 my question is i have a 5hp briggs flat head will it be as easy to do as a honda clone or will the gas tank hit the rear fender.