1. B

    L.I. Mini bike show and swap meet. THIS SUNDAY!!!! March 26th

    L.I. Mini Bike Show and Swap Meet. THIS SUNDAY!!!! March 26th First event of 2017! Weather permitting. 70 Baiting Place Rd Farmingdale NY 11735 just off RT110 and Adams Blvd. BUY, SELL, TRADE mini bike, go karts and parts. We have people come from the Tri State area. Stop by and...
  2. B

    Long Island Mini Bike Show and Swap Meets 2017! Monthly event!

    L.I. Mini Bike Show and Swap Meet 2017. First show is on Sunday April 23rd Location: 70 Baiting Place Rd Farmingdale NY 11735. Off RT110 and Adams Blvd. Free Event. Vintage Mini Bike/ Go Kart Show and Swap Meet Come on down and Show off your toys, sell some extra parts or mini's or...
  3. TDB

    New member // My build

    New member to the forum, and first time ever joining a forum! I debated joining for a while because I don't actually have an old mini bike *yet* (well I guess mine will be old someday), I just have a predator swapped Monster Moto. But this forum has helped me out in the past so I figured maybe I...
  4. Sprocket86

    B&S 691922 intake swap.

    Hi there. I was at the dump last summer and found myself a 70's Gilson front tine tiller. This thing is pretty beat up but it had a nice solid what appears to be a mid to late 70's 5hp Briggs Flatty. Picket it up for $18 in scrap weight. The engine block and tank have that light blue metalic...
  5. I

    MMB80 and Predator 212 swap help if you can...

    So first off let me say hi to everyone. I'm new to the mini bike scene and after alot of days researching still have acouple questions. I recently bought a used monster moto mini bike (mmb80) and my fat butt cant make it up a hill at all with this lol so went and bought the pred 212 motor. Now I...
  6. gammatg

    Picked up a Muscle Bike at a swap meet this past weekend.

    I've always loved these style bikes. I've never owned one. I went to a large indoor swap meet Sunday morning and ran into a good friends father who was set up as a vendor. I hadn't seen him in about 6 years so we were catching up. He had this little Western Flyer Buzz Bike sitting there and it...
  7. Sprocket86

    OHH60 carb swap

    Has anyone swapped out the primer bulb, non adjustable OEM carb that comes on the Tec overhead powersports with an older dual adjustable needle Tec carb?
  8. Phil1958

    Northern NY Fall Minibike Fest and Swap Meet

    A few of you asked for this: An Invitation to the First Northern NY Minibike Festival and Swap Meet Located on an 8 acre site in Redwood, NY, 13679 (Jefferson County) the First Annual Northern New York Minibike Festival and Swap Meet looks to be the Biggest and Best Fall Minibike Event in New...
  9. Sprocket86

    MBX-11 front end swap.

    I take it the MBX-11 front fork swap is a difficult part to find new and what are all the parts I need? I'd really like to add one of these to my DB 30. How much better does this improve the ride and handling? Thanks.
  10. K

    benelli mini bike motor swap

    has anyone ever put a modern engine in a vintage benelli mini bike frame. a buddy wants to know
  11. RuppChopperPaul

    Old School Minibike Saturday Swap and Sale, November 26

    Old School Minibike Annual Thanksgiving Saturday Parking Lot Swap and Sale, November 26 from 10-3! Rain, Snow or Sunshine! 12015 Telegraph Rd, Redford. Hope you can make it!
  12. mrpat

    Old School Minibikes' - Swap meet

    https://detroit.craigslist.org/wyn/mpo/5876386738.html I just saw this and thought I would share.
  13. gumpit

    Picked up a Clinton some wheels and a bunch of stuff at the swap meet

    Not sure on the wheel. Clinton spins. Headers,billett flywheel,filters,gas tank,possible aluminum tank project.cams.etc.
  14. O

    A-1 Swap & Show

    Hope this works ok. The attached pic should explain any questions.
  15. M

    Front Springs,and upper and lower plugs, '67 Continental

    Is there anybody out there that has some front shock springs, upper and lower plugs for a '67 Rupp Continental? I have exhausted all of the parts outlets I know of and found the lower plug only. (Blackwidow Motorsports) No swap meets at all in my area. I thought OldMiniBikes would have a parts swap...
  16. Frank Davis

    Todays swap meet find....two Taco 22 mini bikes

    This is today's swap meet find....2 Taco 22's, in restorable shape....pretty cool with original wheels!
  17. B

    SUNDAY Sept 18 L.I. Mini Bike Show and Swap Meet in Farmingdale NY

    SUNDAY Sept 18 L.I. Mini Bike Show and Swap Meet in Farmingdale. From 9a.m. to 2p.m.. Come on down and show your mini bike, sell some parts or just come down and hang out with other mini bike enthusiasts!! Spread the word! Plenty of room to show and sell you mini bikes and parts! Corner of...
  18. B

    Long Island Mini Bike show and Swap Meet...Saturday 8/20 in Farmingdale NY

    I want to Thank everyone who showed up. Hoping next month's show will be bigger and better. Next show will be held on August 20th 2016 at the corner of Baiting Place Rd and Verdi Street in Farmingdale. From 9am to 3pm. Use 70 Baiting Place Rd Farmingdale NY 11735. People had trikes, bikes, mini...
  19. Fisher1983

    3.5hp Cam Swap?

    I picked up a 1994 Industrial Plus today and began teardown. I was wondering if the old skool metal 3hp cam will fit in my block? I just dont want to use the nylon cam....this engine had gritty oil and Id swear the cam lobes are going flat.
  20. B

    LONG ISLAND NY Mini bike show and swap meet. July 23rd 2016

    Ghetto Neck Society MBC NY Chapter is having a mini bike show and swap meet to be held in Farmingdale NY on July 23rd from 9a.m. to 4 p.m. This is being put together so the enthusiasts can show their projects, buy and sell parts and just BS to old friends. THERE IS NO RIDING AT ALL...