Tule trooper box

    I need a cargo box for a Tule Trooper restoration. Worst case, I could use accurate dimensions to fabricate one. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. M

    Tule Trooper Stolen!

    On October 7, 2009 my prize Tule Trooper was stolen from home in Snohomish Washington. At that time of the theft it was red with a black-honda-clone/ electric start engine. The stickers were intact. The most recognizable feature was probably the bare aluminum fittings I made to splice two...
  3. R

    Tule Trooper 2 speed gearbox and clutch

    I picked this up along with an old but running 3HP "Extra Long Life" Briggs motor. It appears to have come from a mid 60's bike called a Toule Trooper. It has a 1:1 ratio and a 3:1 reduction with a neutral in between. It also has a Deepco Maximatic variable clutch. They appear to be in working...
  4. T

    Restore Tule trooper "Big Boy"

    I just purchased a "Big Boy" and the front forks are not in alignment. It pulls to the right. Does anyone have a original front fork? Or can give me the dimensions of an original fork.
  5. 1stlegendtx


    Tule Trooper Tote Gote
  6. '60s Tule Trooper

    '60s Tule Trooper

    I just bought this Tule from a guy in Florence, OR. It now resides in the nice dry central Oregon high desert. The engine is a 6.5hp from Harbor Freight. I still have the original Briggs & Stratton, but it needs help.
  7. T

    tule trooper

    I just picked this up for 75.00 and was wondering if this was a good deal also any information on this tote gote would help thanks,chris:confused:
  8. tote_gote_christmas_001


    I just picked tis up for 75.00 and I was wondering if anyone knows information about this and also mabey the price and year any information will help. thanks
  9. Trooper right side

    Trooper right side

    Again on the first night. Better pics to follow.
  10. Tule Trooper model MIII #1904

    Tule Trooper model MIII #1904

    Looks to be all original. Taken the night we got it.
  11. DCP_3133


  12. old_mini_001


    My tule Trooper in progress