1. dw1973

    Tule Trooper parts

    Looking for a good rear sprocket and clutch driver. Will pay shipping to 49221.
  2. derekbmn

    Tule Trooper Roller

    Well folks the time has come to let go of this beast. It just doesn't look like I will ever get to restoring this and it's time to let is go. $300 OBO will have to be picked up for obvious reasons....:doah: (Southern Minnesota) Please PM with any questions. Thanks in advance...:thumbsup: Here...
  3. aurenthic, trooper, whizzer, regal

    aurenthic, trooper, whizzer, regal

    They just seem to show up. I have a few more waiting to bring from storage back to my garage. A trailster, a couple of centaurs. You can also see my trade bait tank 150 sitting out.
  4. J

    Tule Trooper

    I have an original Tule Trooper complete , with the 2 speed gearbox. this scooter has been TOTALLY restored as near as possible to original including the original decals. The gearbox has new bearings and seals, new drive chain, drive belt. New control cables, hand controls, hand grips, new...
  5. T

    Tuly Trooper

    Hi Iam looking for parts to restore a Tuly Trooper, can any one help with this? Thanks Tbok:thumbsup:
  6. H

    Tule Trooper

    Got this bike a few years ago. Digging around on internet found it to be a Tule Trooper- little seat with box behind- and have it apart now and am currently doing paint. Whats the story on these machines- info appreciated.
  7. natestule

    New pics of Trooper And Trail King

    I have placed new pictures of the Homelite Trail king and Tule Trooper in my album. check them out and let me know what you think.:scooter:
  8. natestule

    WTB Tule Trooper Big Boy in Washington ST

    I am looking for a Trooper Big Boy. does not have to run but needs to be all there. will also consider other Tule Troopers. Email Thanks to all.:rockon:
  9. Two Tule Troopers

    Two Tule Troopers

    Front trooper is a 4 hp. no the lihts do not work was licenced for road travel.back in 83. The back on needs alot of help. starting a total costum rebuild on it for the wife.
  10. T

    Tule Trooper Belt loose

    I am out of ideas on how to keep the belt tight. I have two sizes of belts Comet 203587A and 203588A. The belt in the picture is 88A. The other belt is too small and the clutch doesn't work properly. Do you guys have any ideas for a belt tighener thing?
  11. K

    tule trooper

    Hi, I just signed up the other day to start looking for info on a recent acquisition. I pulled a tule trooper back from the bushes on a cleanup/demolition job we were doing for a customer. I had the intent to restore but now know that is not reasonable. Anyhow, for those on this board, I...

    Tule Trooper

    Its missing the transmission and proper clutch, but appears to be in decent shape. scooter honda 5hp
  13. jbrewton

    Just got Tule Trooper, kinda funny

    Just got this Trooper, anyone know about the trannys?? I know they came with a James tranny, the one in mine says Albion with a Edwards tags rivited on from factory?? I also have an Albion in my Rokon that has the kick start added on. Is the Albion an option? or the same company as James?
  14. balljoint

    Tule trooper on Craigslist

  15. L

    tule trooper

    i have a question i am hoping someone can answer before 4 pm today i was looking at the local auction site and there is a tule trooper going through the auction tonight and i am not familiar with these minis can some look it up for me they have a picture of it on the site go to
  16. M

    a tule trooper on olympia wa craigslist

    there is a pretty good looking tule trooper on olympia craigslist i would be interested but i already have one have fun guys:scooter:
  17. derekbmn

    Minnesota Bound Tule Trooper !

    Now... I normally wouldn't make such a thread , but I gotta share a little bit of my excitement. My Tule Trooper is set to arrive within an hour or so and I gotta say I haven't been looking forward to something this much in a LONG time ! Arriving Fedex in a pretty massive box and weighing in...
  18. boondocks1953

    New project bike! Tule Trooper

    Yes I am somewhat erect!:clap: Finally got one of these to add to my goat herd.:thumbsup: Bought from the original owner for some cash and a passenger side front fender for a 53 chevy (got lucky that his 53 was in the background of his craigslist pic and I had the part he needed.) Only damage...
  19. Modding_out

    Tule Trooper GOLD!!!!!

    RARE OLD 1960'S VINTAGE TULE TROOPER MINI-BIKE/SCOOTER I really hope one of you guys will pick this bike up, you can't get any better than this:surrender: WOW! This is a rare old early to mid 60's northwest-made TULE TROOPER, a hunting/service/utility bike, very hard to find nowadays! I...
  20. smallbikes88

    tule trooper is this the one that was stolen?

    Tule Trooper Mini Bike Minibike - Nice and Rare:eBay Motors (item 300377747049 end time Dec-21-09 10:00:00 PST)