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    tube notching calculator
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    tube notching
  3. adarter

    Tire tube size?

    I have a tire in decent shape but need to put a tube in it. Tire says 14 x 6 but no other listing for tire size. I tried a 410/350 x 6 it developed a leak in a day. What tube should I get. Or what measurement do I need to take.
  4. B

    1" throttle with metal tube

    Looking for a 1" throttle with a metal tube my plastic one just isn't holding up. Thanks
  5. Studeman68

    Heald Super Bronc lower fork tube

    Looking for one lower fork tube for my VT8 like the one pictured below. Will take a set if needed. Thanks!
  6. Sixpac440

    How to tighten loose oil filler tube? Pic ..

    I have a Tecumseh H60 .. the filler tube where is goes in the side cover is loose, doesn't seem to make a good seal. I haven't ran the engine yet so I don't know if it leaks. What can be done to seal it in there?
  7. Davis

    140 vs stock emulsion tube

    This was just brought up in another thread and I'm curious as to everyone else's experience on this.
  8. totegotes

    Wanted: Tecumseh H60 intake tube and air cleaner

    Hi all, I'm trying to find the following set up for an older Tecumseh H60. If anyone has anything please let me know.
  9. danford1

    Triple tree fork tube nylon sleeve bushings.

    Some Minibikes have a nylon bushing sleeve inside the bigger diameter tube for the smaller diameter tube to slide in. A lot do have any bushings. It is just one steel tube sliding in another steel tube. Those are sloppy fits. It is most likely a 7/8" tube inside a 1" tube. Who sells the nylon...
  10. smwtnbndr

    Craigslist-Square Tube Mini-What is it? Thought this was a pretty cool little bike. Square tube frame. Goose neck looks to be welded on. Notice the drive belt. Do you think its home made?

    For Sale Carlisle 4.10 x 3.50 x 4 N.O.S Tire and Tube and Rim Lil Indian Ruttman.etc.

    Selling my 4 inch Mint N.O.S never used Carlisle Double Indian Head Knobby Tread Tire,Tube and Wheel assembly.This Assembly can be used on many small vintage Minibikes.Tire was used on Early Lil Indian and Ruttman Minibikes among other's and is Correct for a Vintage resto.. Asking $60.00...
  12. Fantic Freddy

    Broncco inner tube

    I'm in desperate need of a 3.50-7 inner tube for my TX-7. 7" tires and tubes appear to be extinct.
  13. R

    Replacement tube size?

    The tire and tube I have are Ardan, 12.5/4.50-6. What size tube do I need?
  14. Woody212

    Sebac shock early 12" with tapered tube or parts

    I need one usable/buildable shock. I managed break the lower eye while trying to save the tube rebuilding one shock. I need a match or parts please. I may consider a pair if reasonable. Woody
  15. tippycanoenm

    tire and tube

    cheng-shin 4.10/3.50-4 tire and nice condition, tube held for pictures as i cannot load on this page.....25.00 shipped or best offer......thanks for looking
  16. Not so mini bike

    Tube size

    I want to run a 90/65-8 tire on a split rim. What tube should I use.
  17. packergene

    Front head tube question please

    Hello all, Building my own MB frame and would like some info on the head tube? Could any one school me on what's all involved? Basically, what is the anatomy of a basic head tube? I assume connecting the forks to the main frame with nothing more than a bolt is not a good choice? Appreciate...
  18. gumpit

    Fork tube thickness

    My buddy is contemplating making a set of forks. He wants 1" for the down tubes. What does he need to tell them he wants? Type of metal? Wall thickness? These tubes will come up to a cross tube for the handlebars which he wants to do in 7/8" because it will be easier to find controls. What size...
  19. gammatg

    Heathkit Hilltopper Muffler includes clamp and exhaust tube

    Needs rechromed but no dents or holes in it. If anyone wants more detailed pics or any questions pm me. Thanks $75 plus shipping
  20. Mark G

    New Old Stock Fox Grips and Throttle Tube

    Brand New Old Stock Fox grip set. A little dusty from storage. For 7/8" bars, throttle side comes with plastic tube. These grips were used on many Fox spoked wheel minibikes, I have also seen them on Colemans, MTD's and others. These are available "elsewhere" for over $38...