2x2 Build

Thanks everyone for the compliments, it really helps keep me motivated. I am already in the planning stages for a smaller fat tire bike for my wife.

I got the engine mounts tacked up tonight. I considered making the engine mounts adjustable to tension the chain to the jackshaft, but with the intake, exhaust, etc.... it will be easier to move the jackshaft or add a tensioner, so I solid mounted it.

The old gas tank has a little surface rust inside, any suggestions on the best way to clean it up? I have heard of putting a handful of screws or clean rocks inside with some oil and shaking, never done it though.

Also starting to think about paint colors. At first I was set on camo or od green for the survival bike aspect, but now I am considering some color like maybe flat brown frame with burnt orange tank, fenders, etc. Thoughts? Ideas?
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I cant imagine the headaches the design of this build caused you!! I love it and hope you post a video of it running and working!! Outstanding vision!! :thumbsup:
That thing is rediculous! It would go perfectly with a steampunk theme but thats a whole nother can of worms. Survival theme is good. Or a more modern futuristic look with alot of black and gray