Analog tachometer for Tecumseh or any small engine?

Hello! I have found many digital tachometers to fit my minibike, one wire going to ground, the other to the ignition wire, but I would like to figure out how to add an analog one so it looks a bit nicer. Anyone have any insight? Im a bit of a noob but its going on a baja doodlebug with a tecumseh power sport 6hp.
There's a sensor thing on the flywheel that Everytime it passes a point triggers the spark plugs to fire. It should be the same concept for all small engines ex predator 212 or Honda gx clones. How does yours work?
Some Tecumseh engines are magneto with points those won't work. Briggs magnetron I believe is inductive. Clones are cdi as are external coil tecumseh's. If you look at autometers instructions it states it only works with Briggs magnetron. I tried it on a clone and so far they are working fine I connect the sense line to the kill switch line from the coil