1. Justy

    Gopowersports Mikuni GPS clone idle issues

    I have a predator 212 hemi and just got the mikuni GPS clone from go power sports with a 16 pilot jet and a 130 main I've swapped the 130 main to a 115 now when I start the bike it idles fine doesn't creep forward at all even when I'm not sitting on it but when I pick up the back tire off the...
  2. Broofam

    What’s this brand

    Try’s to get this going
  3. 661_Minis

    Alky engine converted to gas

    Hello, I have a Briggs flathead that I would like to convert to gas for a mini bike I have, I had bought this engine and a few other engines and parts from an estate sell. so I don’t really know much about the engine,it looks to be open modified to me but idk. I believe it ran on alky before...
  4. L.skynrd

    Chain will NOT stay on

    Hello Everyone. I bought this old bike a few months ago, I haven't been able to ride it a whole lot. The problem I am having is that the chain keeps coming off the rear sprocket. Nothing I do seems to rectify this issue. I started with replacing the chain, since the other one broke. This did not...
  5. 661_Minis

    10.5 to 1 compression on 212 predator

    Hello, I’m building a predator 212 non hemi and need advice on achieving a 10.5 to 1 compression ratio, how much should I shave the head? I haven’t measured how deep the piston is in the hole yet because I already took the whole engine apart and I’m waiting on my ring compressor and other parts...
  6. M

    Predator 212 Help! Gas mixing in the oil

    Good afternoon, Just reaching out for some help for some probably self-inflicted problems. I have a stock predator 212 bike and stupidly leaned it against something unstable. It fell completely over on the air filter side and was there for probably 30 minutes and a ton of oil ran out the carb...
  7. L.skynrd

    6.5hp Vanguard won’t start unless starter fluid is sprayed into intake

    Hello everyone. I just got this 6.5hp vanguard for a good deal on fb marketplace. I cannot get it to run without spraying starter fluid into the intake. Once I do that, it fires right up, and stays running.
  8. L.skynrd

    **HELP** Engine has spark but won't start

    Hello everyone. I have this vintage Briggs and Stratton 3hp engine that I am restoring. I replaced the old breaker points ignition coil, to the modern electronic magneto coil. After I did that, it started right up and ran perfectly. From there, I removed the carb and gas tank, so I could repaint...
  9. L.skynrd

    **HELP** Briggs and Stratton 3.5hp, fires but won’t start

    Hey everyone, I have been restoring this old Briggs engine for a mini bike project. Before I took it apart to paint it, I replaced the magneto coil, and it fire right up. Once I finished the paint and reassembled it, I tried to start it, and it would not go. I sprayed starter fluid into the...
  10. Heidle

    Coleman CT200U rough idle/weird low RPMs

    Hey guys, I recently rebuilt my Hisun 196cc motor and when I run the engine it idles roughly. Here's some specs 18 LB valve springs PVL Aluminum flywheel with 31 degrees BTDC Billet con rod governor removal BSP-2 cam Everything else stock The engine seems to run fine at higher RPM but at idle...
  11. Heidle

    Rebuilding Mini Bike

    Hey guys, so this is my first time posting on here. I'm currently rebuilding my Hisun motor from my Coleman CT200 and I was wondering if I should get rid of the plastic camshaft gear soon. It just seems very sketchy to me to have a plastic camshaft on the motor. Here's a list of mods I have...
  12. Steve73

    Hm100 pulse line location

    I've read a few post and searched threads and need to install a pulse line for my fuel pump. Wondering where y'all would drill and tap? Tecumseh uses vacume fuel pump I believe, I also have no experience in this and am learning as I go. Whoo hoo! The tube coming out of the cover below the...
  13. S

    How much should I pay for a used 5hp briggs and stratton.

    There's a listing on craigslist listing for a 5hp briggs and stratton and it looks decent the guy said $60 and its mine it starts on starter fluid he said but then dies so its probably a carb issue. Is this a good price and will it be a cheap fix?
  14. P

    Chain Tensioner Help

    So i’ve thrown together a pretty strange setup for my chain tensioner on my minibike. The issue i’m running into however is that the chain is completely destroying the roller wheel. I’ve had on wheel get completely eaten all the way to the bearing and now caused a chain to break. My question is...
  15. O

    Analog tachometer for Tecumseh or any small engine?

    Hello! I have found many digital tachometers to fit my minibike, one wire going to ground, the other to the ignition wire, but I would like to figure out how to add an analog one so it looks a bit nicer. Anyone have any insight? Im a bit of a noob but its going on a baja doodlebug with a...
  16. A

    Monster moto 80cc won’t continue running

    Hey all! Ive got a monster moto 80cc and whenever I pull start it, the engine won’t stay running. I’ve cleaned out the carburetor and I cleaned out the air filter, replaced gas, and replaced oil, yet I still see the same results. I can’t attach a video of the issue. Any help is appreciated!
  17. A

    Monster moto 80cc wont run for long

    Hey all, I don’t know if this forum is still active but I have a monster moto 80cc minibike and it has been in storage in the garage over the winter and now, after I drained and replaced the gas and oil it only starts for a couple seconds then the engine stops. When I turn the throttle within...
  18. P

    Kill Switch on Engine not working

    So after about 2 years of not starting, my preadator 212 ran into another issue, the kill switch doesn’t work, not even the stock on on the engine. My question here is how do i fix this, i am not good with wiring nor do i know how to identify the issue. Any held would be great!