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The chassis is all back together on Project Baja MB200 GC and time to start the engine. The engine is a non-hemi R210-111 from HF that came with the project and not original to the bike. It looks like brand new out of the box minus the muffler. I ordered the OEM muffler and gasket off the web and got it yesterday 7/19.

Today I changed the oil, installed the exhaust and tried starting it. Fresh 91 octane gasoline. Fuel on, switch on, choke on and pull pull pull. No start. Took the choke off....pull pull................and pull some more. NO START. Pulled the plug it was wet.

My wife came out and pulled the starter for me while I checked for spark. Had spark. Choke on, pull and pull some more and more NO START! grrrrrrrrrrr! I'm now thinking I got a bad deal because the Predator engine I have on the Coleman started on 2nd pull out of the box and after assembly.

After a half hour of trying to start it my wife pulled on the starter rope and it started 1st pull. I flipped the choke off and let it run. Ran rough and after about 5 minutes it would then purr like a kitten for about 20 seconds and then run rough for about 40 seconds and then start purring again. It would cycle like this for the next 15 minutes until I turned it off.

The engine is not mounted with bare output shaft. The fuel tank was empty when I filled it with fresh gas. Is it possible there are bad gas deposits in the carb? Or does this sound like a teenagers tune up and adjustment?

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

So the engine was new ? Are the air filter nuts tightened down all the way ( this would allow it to suck in air if they are loose ) ? May be a little trash in the carb , it don't take much to cause the problem !
The engine is not new. I appears like it just came out of the box. No dirt, dust or grime anywhere. When I got it there was no muffler on it and the pawn shop told me it leaked oil. Thus the reason I got such a smoking deal. It does not leak oil. I fill the case with thin oil and for one week I laid it every direction I could think of to get it to leak. It did not leak. After It ran for 20-30 it has not leaked in the 2 hours since I shut it off.

It doesn't run smooth consistently. Idles like a dream for 20 seconds or so and then rough for 40-60 seconds or so. I'm thinking mini fuel surges. The gas tank vent is open and air is free.:shrug:

Carb is dirty ... Probably have some crap in the main jet
I would agree from personal experiences. 1 grain of sand bobbing around in the carb could do it. Make sure your main jet isn't gummed up either. I use a piece of thin round metal like a bread twistie or a piece of mig wire to stick through the jet holes.

Just my 2 cents

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Check the low speed idle jet & clean it (under the black plastic idle speed screw), the needle valve attached to the float, the main jet & all passages. In other words, take it off, clean it completely, blast all passages & put it back together. If it was really wet like you said, you might want to check the oil (sniff test) & make sure it isn't full of gasoline also.
I don't have an answer for what was wrong. But I think I found a solution to this particular problem. I added a couple of cap full of seafoam to the fuel and let run. After a while it was running smooth. I shut it off and let it set for a few hours. The next time it fired right up on the first pull. It has been starting that way ever since. From a cold engine with the choke on. First pull it starts, slide the choke off 2 or 3 seconds later and runs sweet.:clap:

It could have been some old bad gas left over in a garage from years gone by. Or bad deposit build up. I know some folks who like to use the cheapest fuel they can find to run in lawn mowers, generators and such. My self I buy the highest octane rating I can find for my small engines. Also, in the fall I start using a stabilizer. The weather can change abruptly and your equipment might be setting for months and months.

As a wonderment. I once heard that the fuel in a tank or can will go bad faster on a half tank than a full tank topped of clear to the top. The actual surface of the fuel that is exposed to air causes it.

Any scientist or anyone who has experience or knowledge of this theory care to chime in?

Happy with my engine.