Ghost Rider's - Trail Horse - (18 and Under Class)

We are the Ghost Riders. We are building a Trail Horse. We don't know what year it is. We are from West Branch middle school. We are in 8th grade. We are in Mr. Davis's CBI class.



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Welcome to OldMiniBikes and the buildoff.
Good luck. Don't be afraid to ask questions.
Tons of great folks on this forum.
Hello Ghost Riders.....Welcome to the OldMiniBikes...!

Good luck on your project.

And Mr. Davis, thank you again, for introducing mini bikes, and mechanical skills to another fine bunch of young folks...!
With our team "Ghost Riders" we have done a lot of progress over the past couple weeks. The first week did the basics such as taking off the handles, seat, and disconnecting cables to get down to the main part. The next week we have took off bolts and the seat. As of today 2/10/17, we have completely took off the engine. Every Friday we have accomplished our goal.

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