kids Homemade Mini Bike

Great video! Every little boy in America should be as well versed in mini bikes & their mechanicals as him! My respect to his father........:thumbsup:

Mr X

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That kid is lucky his dad made him a minibike. I got interested in motorized stuff when i was 15. my parents couldnt afford to buy me a bike or a welder or anything. so i built my first bike from scrap and some wheel barrel wheels and a 2hp briggs engine i found in the garbage. but i had a job since i was 13 so i bought a clutch and a chain and sprokets the rest was scrap stuff. i learned to weld at school and put the frame together there. as for tools i used a hacksaw to cut all the steel and a welder to put it together and a hand drill for the holes. the bike worked and had a scrub brake. i dont have any pictures of it because they got deleted a few years back.
to this day i still dont believe in buying ready made bikes or carts so i still make all my own stuff. this way i get what i want all the time. but i use the vintage bikes for reference all the time and i wish i lived in a time when they were popular and were readily available.
Regardless of whether its a homebuilt frame, or a store bought frame, the kid knows all of the ins and outs of his machine, what makes what happen, and why. He's leap years ahead of the game, compared to most kids, who MIGHT learn about this stuff when they are 2-3 times his age.


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Its about the excitement of building, putting together or restoring your own mini! Who cares whether or not his exact wording is right or wrong...:doah: He's excited and that's all that really matters.I say give 'em hell kid!!!!:gun_bandana:
You hear people all the time say they are building a motorcycle, building a car, a truck or a mini bike, it's a figure of speech, give the kid a break, It was nice seeing a kid with greasey hands instead of some video game in them. The helmet was good, I never let my kids ride anything without a helmet, now he should go put some long pants on and some boots.
i think it is home built now what are you going on that it is factory. if you look the trees are angle iron , i have never seen any factory thing built with angle iron as part of the forks . maybe it has been done but i have never seen it done that way , any factory forks and trees were cut and fit plate

idk i lost respect when he said it was homemade
i dont believe him
i ask you the same question he said his dad had it 40 years ago so maybe in 40 years its been redone , something i learned the hard way just because i cant do it at home doesn't mean some one else cant , and things i can do at home ill bet you cant . im not saying im better i just have different tools and different parts that i can get , as do you there is stuff you can get i cant .