MrPat's 2015 Vintage class OldMiniBikes build off entry: Taco T100

Ok, I've been procrastinating enough so here is my entry pics. This beauty is (was) a Taco T100 bike. My attempt is to bring it back to as close to original as I can, permitting my wallet allows me to.

I found a set of vintage 6 inch Tri Star rims but the tires are shot. Rims need a deep cleaning. Bearings and bolts will need replaced.

I aquired a new seat already.

Forks are totally wasted. I'm going to build new ones. Probably going with hunt wild grips and I need to order some foot peg rubbers.
Power plant will be a vintage 5hp Briggs and Stratton which I have in the garage but it will need cleaned, painted, tuned up, and a nice decal set.

Thanks for reading and good luck to all!!
I started breaking down the Ceriani shocks tonight.they came apart surprisingly easy. Now to clean them up!

I have the gunky parts soaking in parts cleaner now.