Murray Track 2 Engine Swap

I have a Murray Track 2 that I am going to swap the engine on. I am swapping it with a Honda GC160 5hp engine. It came from a pressure washer. I am thinking of getting a new max torque clutch. Is there anything else I need to buy along with the new clutch?

Does anyone know if the 3.5hp Tecumseh shaft 3/4 that came on the Murray Track 2?
Update: I am going to use the old clutch because the shafts are the same diameter. I am going to take it apart and inspect it. I am wondering if I need to keep the grease fitting that nut that was holding it on?
This Max Torque clutch does not have set screws, so I am assuming that this is an older model clutch. Can I still get parts? Can the spring inside handle the 5hp motor?
That clutch will be fine , the shaft on the Honda will not be drilled out for the grease to get to the bushing in the clutch so the zurk fitting will be useless , the Honda will have to have a key-way and be tapped for a bolt to hold the clutch on , no set screws needed !