Picked up a couple engines at a car show/swap today

The swap meet was pretty slim pickings for mini bikes in general but I did happen to find a couple more NOS Tecumseh engines in boxes today.

First is this HS40 which the guy stole the carb off of for a mini bike he had that had a bad carb. I already have a new carb sitting on the shelf for it so this will be another engine to go on one of my bikes. I'm guessing it's an 83?

HS40-55200H SER 3125B

Then I found this one. I'm not sure what I am going to do with it yet.

H30R 3220 P 21M18



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nice tom, i remember seeing them yesterday. glad to see you got them. i got one just like the red one. they been poping up here in wis.

mounted it on little engine stand..........:thumbsup: