Picked up this DB30 last night

Well, it has been about a year and a half since I last owned a mini bike. I got out of the mini bike scene because I was getting into the old Japanese enduros and found them to be more down my alley. I never thought I would ever own another mini bike again after I got into those...well I was wrong.

Lately I have been going through motorcycle withdrawal ever since I moved to North Carolina and my two enduros are in Illinois still. Last night I was surfing around Craigslist and came across this cool little DB30S with a 212cc Predator that was going for $125. I contacted the guy and he told me that it needs new tires and brakes, but the bike runs great and is pretty quick for what it is.

After work I went over to his house and when I saw it, I knew I was buying it. The bike started in one pull and sounded great. There are no brake cables on the bike and the front and rear tires do not hold air for very long (both wheels have no inner tubes).

I offered the guy $100 for the bike and he took the offer. I threw the bike in the back of my trunk and drove home.

I'm not going to lie, it feels pretty good to get back into the mini bike game again. I hope to have some fun with this bike- it's my first DB30. I apologize in advance for any stupid questions I may ask about this bike. :laugh:


db 30 2.jpg