1. Turbski

    GTS frame for sale or trade

    Looking to sell or trade my 2023 GTS frame for a Temecula bob micro mini style frame. Already have an RCF micro mini so not looking for that. Located in Los Angeles California.
  2. nitrofish86

    Heald VT-5 Questions

    Hello everyone. I am new to the forum and have a few questions. I traded a guy a old go kart frame for a VT-5 roller. It does not have the jack shaft setup with it. If i flip the tire so the sprocket is on the left can i get away with running a clutch and chain on that side? This is going to be...
  3. vegetable

    Not sure if i should be worried... but

    my brand new tillotson 212cc i just finished building (billet rod, 22mm mikuni, header, air filter, <1hr run time) runs perfectly fine, but when i rev it up it puffs blue smoke. Should I be worried, or is this normal for not broken in engines? I can get a video if need be on what it is doing
  4. R

    Ordered 212cc Predator for my Motovox MBX11, does low use old engine have any value?

    As title says, I found a $99 Harbor Freight code for a Predator 60363 engine, and ordered it. :thumbsup: The minibike has very low use, and I know it's a turd, but I was just wondering if the "stock" engine and exhaust has any value? :shrug: I was thinking of putting it on my local...
  5. M

    60mph doodlebug with 212cc predator. Is the price right?

    $550 212cc predator mini bike (1.8 hours) No governor Longer billet connecting rod Billet flywheel 18lb valve springs Chromoly push rods Mod2 cam Bigger carb K&N filter Straight pipe ARC throttle plate Under seat fuel tank Hydraulic disc brake Tachometer 2 piece aluminum...
  6. BWL

    Ducar 212cc by Dyno?

    Looks like Dyno is shipping their own 212cc motor that will have a shaft taper to use a Clone flywheel. Racing Cams and Parts | Ducar 212cc OHV Engine | DUCAR-INTRO | DynoCams
  7. S

    Video Inside - Modified Predator 212cc Mid RPM Funky Misfire

    Hey all, my engine is running way funky and here is a video to show it. Mods list and troubleshooting below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dayer8-YqY0 Predator 212 All internals stock Governor Delete Oil Sensor Delete Mikuni Carb Swap (Sometimes) Open Header I have cleaned dozens...
  8. Acolytus

    Picked up this DB30 last night

    Well, it has been about a year and a half since I last owned a mini bike. I got out of the mini bike scene because I was getting into the old Japanese enduros and found them to be more down my alley. I never thought I would ever own another mini bike again after I got into those...well I was...
  9. R


    I have about 20 New unused Gas tanks that are off the 212cc Predator $20 each Shipped or i can sell as many as you need and give you a great deal New and unused they all have the breather valve I have Hemi and a majority of Non Hemi Will Trade for all or whatever you need
  10. JUDGEMENT_74

    Who's riding??

    Anybody in the bay area riding or know any spots to ride??
  11. K

    Motovox mbx10 with 212cc predator engine, way too much low end torque.

    Hello everyone, I have a motovox mbx10 that I installed a 212cc predator engine and now the bike has way too much low end torque. The motor has a lot of mods. After some research I believe that I need a smaller sprocket? 60 tooth do what I need? Does anyone know the specs so I can buy...
  12. C

    Predator Hemi 212CC engine

    Does the stock Predator Hemi cylinder bore have a special coating or can they be bored and how much? Would the 3"' cast iron cylinder sleeve be worth the money for more horsepower gain. Motor is stock at the moment?
  13. C

    Predator Hemi 212CC engine

    Does the stock cylinder bore have a hardened surface or can it be bored and how much?
  14. 2

    Best Carb for my mild modified 212cc hemi predator engine ?

    I have 22lb springs , billet flywheel , arc rod , mod2 cam , no govenor would like to know yalls opinions on what carb i should go with . I was thinking of going with the pz27 what do yall think is best for me ?
  15. R

    NEW UNUSED! Predator gas tank off 212cc engine with cap.

    Hi I have 4 of these new unused tanks with caps available $28 shipped each One hemi 3 non hemi I also have 4 brand new unused mufflers $20 Shipped each All the same I dont use Paypal so check -cash -money order is fine
  16. JUDGEMENT_74

    212cc predator won't start...

    I screwed something up...first it ran nice.. Then it ran for a short time before it shut down...now I can't even get it to start..I have never even rode the engine..this all happened while trying to break the engine in..
  17. P

    Predator 212cc

    I put a stage 2 kit on my go kart from OldMiniBikes and a billet flywheel my problem is it takes a lot of pulls to start it and most of the time won't start and when it does it automatically just wants to go can't get it to stay running and idle without taking off on me any ideas?