Tec 5.5 ohv vs vintage tec 4-5 hp flathead

I'm curious about what people on OldMiniBikes think about this comparison,Tec 5.5 Power Sport OHV vs. A vintage Tec 4or5 hp flathead. The chosen motor will be going on a Manco Trailcat.
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The Tec engine is the Rosie O'Donnell engine and Briggs flathead is Jennifer Aniston engine...Hmmm...which one to choose! Like asking if you want and ice cream or a kick in the crotch!

Briggs rule, Tec's drool! Sexy flatheads have ruled the Earth for years! Choose the Briggs and do not even consider that boat anchor, Rosie O'Donnell Tec pile of stuff


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I'm just going to say what I've been told by a small engine shop. " The older TEC flatheads have more torque "

Is what the shop owner told me.

CarPlay, thems fighten words, :laugh:
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chromeframesears, all the tecumseh ohv engines in factory stock forum are not good with there fix jet,fix timing at 20 degrees,stock muffler...etc...
i have had real good power with just a few mod's done. here is a link with a engine build on one and a mild build too. both engines could easily out run a hs-40 or 50
thats a big bike. i don't think i would want to even try to push it around with a small block tecumseh.
here is the link.......:thumbsup: i think the mild build would work good for your application. i didn't go with a billet rod with that engine and it still holding, but for only another 60-70 bucks and you can buy one....:thumbsup:


joshua. c.

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I personally have experience with both motors and I think for this bike briggs is better but the Tecumseh is no boat anchor. with a few mods that Tecumseh ohv becomes a monster. I've got a lightly modified one on my trike and it outran a stock un governed predator on another trike then gained half a track on it before the race ended. I didn't do every mod I could have to the engine so there is still a lot of headroom for more power. as far as reliability and looks the briggs looks more original and if you get one with a steal boar it will last longer than the Tecumseh. also aftermarket parts are allot easier to come by for the briggs. and with mods the briggs becomes a monster to. I would say with that bike I'd go with the briggs.
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joshua. c.
also aftermarket parts are allot easier to come by for the briggs. and with mods the briggs becomes a monster to. I would say with that bike I'd go with the briggs.
i think the original question was about a flathead tecumseh or a ohv tecumseh and which one is better.....:rolleyes:
but i do like the old flathead 5hp motors......:thumbsup: just on one day bunch of us went on minibike roadtrip this last summer and i put 37 miles on a flathead 5hp briggs....:thumbsup:and had to kept up with the 8 and 10hp tecumseh's......:doah: top speed maybe 25 mph........:scooter: just a cruise ride.
i have to say aftermarket parts are easy to get for the ohv engines if you know what to look for or even go back and look at my thread on building a ohh-motor and you can see how easy it is to modifly it with other ready availability parts.

and just think ohv is only 195cc motor. it can be a strong little guy with the right parts.
they do also make a 172cc(small bore)
I've built both of the Tecumseh engines. For your application, I think an H50-60 might be the better choice because in stock form they produce oodles of torque. An HS50 doesn't cut it on a heavier bike (I have one on a Wards 525 and it strains).

Delray and I have shared notes several times on the OHH195 engines, and he's built killer motors. My OHH was a far more simple build--adjustable carb, aftermarket air cleaner and a header. My OHH easily out-pulled the two Predator powered bikes I had at the time (hemi and non, and all on CAT frames). Properly tuned, the OHH climbs smoothly up the rev range and torque is spread evenly. A caveat, though, they can be finicky and like a smaller carb (HS40-50) as opposed to a H50 carb.