1. Brandonsmanco

    My First Build! Manco Streaker, Honda Gx160

    Hello everyone, very excited to be a part of this group. I picked up my first build and first minibike today, it's a Manco Streaker! With a Honda GX160 5.5HP on it. I paid $325. First Impressions, the motor turns over first pull, and it's quiet due to the stock muffler. I'm wondering is there...
  2. A

    5.5 intek 206

    I got a free 5.5hp intek 206 engine and was wondering what the difference was between it and a 6.5hp 206, im wanting to add performance parts but couldnt fint much info on it.
  3. A

    5.5 Tec OHV

    I have a 5.5 horse tec ohv engine and I was wondering if there are any performance parts i could use on it. It take the same coil as a predator engine, and the same stock gas tank so i was wondering if it takes the same parts as the predator engines. Thank you in advance
  4. C

    Tec 5.5 ohv vs vintage tec 4-5 hp flathead

    I'm curious about what people on OldMiniBikes think about this comparison,Tec 5.5 Power Sport OHV vs. A vintage Tec 4or5 hp flathead. The chosen motor will be going on a Manco Trailcat.
  5. markus

    HS40/HS50 mechanical compression release cam (from 5.5 ohv)

    In the last updates of Parts listings for Tecumseh engines, Tecumseh was substituting the 33158 fixed compression release cam with the 37040 mechanical compression release version that was made for the OHV engine. Has anyone installed one into a rebuild if and has their been any issue with it...
  6. R

    Difference between 5.5 and 5hp flatheads

    I picked this 5.5hp flat head today for $40..... its a good runner. I ran the numbers and it's a 1998, plain bearing block. Decal says cast iron sleeve. What is the difference between this and a normal 5hp? Is the bore and stroke the same? Camshaft? Carburetor difference perhaps?
  7. gbrantley54

    5.5 honda build

    Hey guys i went with the 5.5 honda lol...gonna be building it up to around 14 + hp..... been looking at a couple kits not sure what route i will go.....more updates and pics soon ....any suggestions will be greatly appreciated
  8. Dragbikemini

    Tech 5.5 OHV Pull Start

    Looking for pull start and maybe some other items for OHV 5.5 Tech. Perfer cheap as this is a basket case gokart project that might not work out. Have Paypal. Thanks Doug. 914-494-1288 if you like to text.
  9. FloridaMiniBikes

    OHH Tec 5.5, 6.0, 6.5 difference?

    How in tarnation did That injun guy get different HP ratings from the same bore and stroke.:confused: I looked around the net and still am dumbfounded. Please enlighten me oh great ones?:anon.sml: Old ancient Mini-Bike proverb says..... Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction, brought...
  10. we4amigos

    Perfect weather for some Trike action..Tri Sports & a Dunecycle

    Got all my work done a little early today ,weather was nice.So I dug out my Tri-Sport TS130 that had been sitting all winter and got her started. Next I got my daughter & son-in-law convinced we needed to take them all out for exercise. We each got a turn on each one and had a blast ! Of course...
  11. nds1968

    Gas Gauge for JIANGDONG

    I need a gas gauge for a JF168 JIANGDONG 5.5 Let me know if you can help out.
  12. dakota

    WTT - Frame & Forks

    Need Frame & Forks Azusa - Ruttman - Bird or ?? must be straight & clean [ trade a New Tec 5.5 Formula motor for it ]
  13. dakota

    Tecumseh Formula 5.5 HP Engines

    $125 each - new in box -
  14. Timmahhhhh

    Foremost Big Orange

    Well,I decided to build the 5.5 hp Bird/Foremost Super Sprite after all. I had it 3/4 done anyway,so I just put on the chain and throttle,then tightened the engine bolts. The weather was cold and snowy,so one run up and down the street was all I could get away with. This thing is a BLAST. Come...
  15. Timmahhhhh

    Timmy's Taco

    I just received my Frijole kit today. I got my father to pose with it. I got mine through Ebay,but GoKarts USA is the supplier. They were extremely helpful,as was TacoJoe. They shipped it to me fast,and called me yesterday to tell me when I would get it after I asked about it. So if anyone out...
  16. aceofsp8des

    OHV problems.

    i am currently running a early 2000's 5.5s briggs intek OHV. for a while i was running straight air, no filter. this was partialy because of a small fuel leak out of the intake. this was a minor headache but the (free) engine still ran, so it was cool with me. one day my brother comes up to me...
  17. R

    5.5 GX160 Clone Eats Plugs

    I have a MB165 with the 5.5 Jiang Dong engine. It just destroys plugs. I have to replace it every 5-10 hours or so. Any thoughts? I'm going to put a different coil on it to see if that will help.
  18. R

    Intek 5.5 Governor Surges

    I have a 5.5 Intek on a tiller a friend gave me because it wouldn't start. A quick clean of the carb and I got it started. However the governor is constantly surging the engine at low speed, full throttle or anywhere in between. It's the worst when the choke is wide open. If I choke it way...
  19. SUNP0907


  20. R

    Mini Baja 5.5 Jet Recommendations

    I just bought a “Mini Baja” with the 5.5hp engine. It wasn’t running, so I got a good deal on it. I took the carb off and cleaned it real good and got the engine running. The main jet was definitely clogged. Once warmed up it idles nicely, but needs the choke half on to accelerate or run at...