The Attack of the Dreaded Miniature License Plates


I don't know where all these things come from...the good folks in China must have a factory where they turn these things out 24/7. :doah: How could so many different sellers be making money on these things ?! many people named "Fred" or "Edna" are currently in the market for a personalized miniature license plate ?? And what do they do with them after they buy them :confused: Are they still riding their Schwinn Pixie?

I think a lot of us execute an Ebay search that reads something like Vintage Mini Bike when looking for bikes or parts. Then you can save that search to your favorites so you just have to click on a quick link to it each day. Well those key words "mini" and "bike" will bring up hundreds if not thousands of those damn license plates every time. Now I have nothing against people making money,more power to them. But I don't want to be forced to scan through pages of this stuff that I have no interest in.

I started out by blocking the ads of individual can add up to 10 seller names to the block list..:thumbsup:. That wasn't enough..more sellers just kept coming and coming...:scared:

I finally figured out how to stop the madness...:hammer:

All you need to do is "subtract" the keyword you want to this case "License".

So your new saved Ebay search will be Vintage Mini Bike -License Note that there is no space between the - sign and the keyword you want to has to be part of the word or it won't work.

It will work with any word or phrase you want to block

Maybe you computer experts already had this figured out...took me a year.

Anyway...try it, you like it!
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Ha, you should see the one I use for the Rupp :)

"rupp -gorman -sandpipe -sandpiper -pump -cameron -joyce -prayer -baseball -hockey -nhl -mike -gwynn -george -arena -at -gopro -camera -outrigger -outrigging -outriggers -rigger -riggers -rigging -riggings -outriggings -jo -ticket -tickets -card -cards -kentucky"

It really is difficult to get it narrowed down to one specific thing. Even with all of this stuff filtered out, I still find myself adding to my default search once or twice a week.

I have another very similar for Cat stuff

"Cat mini bike -artic -arctic -eye -eyes" It's said that people can't spell "arctic" correctly in their listings.

This also works for google searches if you're looking for something very specific.
A great tip that works well. Somebody actually said how to do that about a year ago and it works great:thumbsup: I remember Gumpit saying that he cracked and bought one.:laugh:
Gumpit actually bought a mini license plate?? Really? One, I can't imagine it actually happening; two, can't you be banned for that? Is he really going to show up at Windber with that on his trike? A pic of that might take the cake over his mud encrustment pics from last year. Say it ain't so Manchester!!:laugh::laugh::laugh:

Thanks for the tip KK, that took a couple thousand items out of my search:thumbsup: