Three new vintage bike projects!

Well, made the deal today and got the three bikes- pretty excited to restore them. Now I'm gonna have some questions along the way about these (hope no one minds). But I have some good plans for them! The middle one is a Trail Bronc, the chopper is a late 60's Manco Chopper and the other one is a Alexander Reynolds. If you guys know anything about these bikes let me know. Now just gotta pick one to start restoring first lol.

WP_20150324_16_29_53_Pro.jpg WP_20150324_16_30_03_Pro.jpg


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Knock that Trail Bronc out 1st! then the Manco chopper? Put a HF motor on the Arco and ride it while you build the others!!!! lol
They are all great bikes. I like the chopper the best, although that side exhaust looks like a leg burner. Be careful... Nothing's ever easy...It's always something....
Very cool! I like them all. I am working on a Manco chopper right now too, looks like yours has the chrome forks and sissy bar which would make it a Delta 1 like mine. I agree with 6doggie3, stick a clone on that Arco and ride it while you work on the other two. Looking forward to seeing your progress, especially on the Manco!
Thanks you guys for your opinions on these bikes. I'm pretty excited to restore them! I'm going to throw a Predator 212cc on that "Arco" mini bike to make it ready to ride. I will have a good amount of questions on all of those bikes, so if any of you know lots about one of the bikes in particular, please message me to give me more information about them or how to restore them! Thank you all again!