Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

Here is my new project. I want to thank Scooterboy for selling me this kit :bowdown: I just wish there was instructions. :laugh::laugh: I'm going to figure this out..........Just might take awhile :laugh: I started today by getting the forks all lined up and tack welded. I need to set up some kind of jig to set every thing else up. I am going to tack weld everything and then give it to my professional welder. :laugh: This project may take me 2 birthdays. :laugh::laugh: Thanks for watching :thumbsup:

Welcome to the fun! This is a great bike and Mark does a fabulous job with the frames. Now the planning starts--engine, wheels and layout. Look forward to following your build.
Here is the pipe cutting tool that a friend at work lent me. I told him I was just going to use a grinder to make the 1/2 circles on the pipe. He said that would take me forever. He put a brand new 7/8 cutting bit on there for me and told me to practice on some pvc pipe:laugh: