Tough time finding mini bike frames in Houston

I want something thats affordable and that I can build and fix on. If I buy a new one already painted etc, I want have that " I built it" feeling.
I want something thats affordable and that I can build and fix on. If I buy a new one already painted etc, I want have that " I built it" feeling.
I checked out your Houston CL and agree with you- there is nothing there that would interest me.

Once you establish what sort of bike you want, you need to establish a budget, then perhaps post in the "wanted" section.

Shipping kills all of us equally. Hitting weekend garage sales might be a good way to go as well.
Mini's aren't that easy to find in this area either, but you just have to keep looking...there are some deals still out there. Put a add on craigs list that you are looking for used mini bikes. :wink:


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I have a Cat Duster MX roller (frame, wheels, tires, forks, axles, throttle, grips, brake assembly) that I will ship to you for cheaper than you can buy an AZusa roller, and it will be a bike that you could sell pretty easily later if you wanted.

It's a solid bike, but needs some love.

I assure you that redoing a bike certainly gives you the feeling of building it yourself. There is a certain amount of pride when you've got it all together that you can't deny.

Let me know if you're interested in the roller.

It's tuff man ! Takes a lot of patience . I've been lucky to get my hands on a few vintage bikes but they needed 100% restorations which was fine for me , gotta have skills and tools . I've gotten into doing a bunch of DB-30's just because of their availability , low cost and all the stuff you can do to them with readily available parts ! They are great little mini's , get one to play with and keep looking for the right deal on an old one ! You can't eat just one anyways :laugh:This one is my favorite rider ,
This is pretty tricked out and I have about $650 in it :thumbsup:
I have an ad out on craigslist already. Thanks for offer on the cat duster but I really want the db30. I wont be happy with anything else. The wait is the hardest part.
I p/u another DB-30 yesterday in really good shape with a new Predator on it for $150 , needs rear tire and throttle cable , that's it :thumbsup: It's for one of my guys at work , I'm not keeping this one :deal:
I have a Fort Worth Texas built K&S Hornet standard frame and forks with factory fenders I'd sell you for $200 shipped, I have that much in it having bought factory K&S fenders. If it interests you I can get a photo of it mocked up with wheels and fenders and an engine. You would need to use a band brake on the clutch or find the right wheel/sprocket setup to utilize the disc brake bracket, they are used often in this hobby and as long as you run a good chain it will stop sure every time. Comes with factory axles and great working factory kick stand. K&S minis are 1" tubing and built like a tank, this mini will need a fork bolt and bushings too but for $200 shipped it's a damn good deal. Hell I'd probably buy it again even though I lost interest in building it, I just have too many already.

check yards sales, flea markets and car shows where they have a swap meet - yeah they sales car parts but alot clean out their garages, attics and basements of everything they can make a buck on. craigslist is a good choice but just don't look under motorcycles check the free stuff and other sections, my last buy on CL was 3 minibikes for $99. a cat, western flyer and a thunderbird. and yeah georgia isn't that great for minibikes either.