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    Adding kit.
  2. Heath kit boonie

    Heath kit boonie

    Heath kit boonie
  3. Heath kit boonie

    Heath kit boonie

    Heath kit boonie
  4. Heath kit boonie

    Heath kit boonie

    Heath kit boonie
  5. Wheel Gun

    Heath Kit Boonie Bike

    This bike build is what led me to finding this forum. While in search of parts this fine group of like minded enthusiasts kept coming up on my searches. I've made a couple of posts however I'd like to officially say hello to all of you fine folks and invite you to watch the progress of...
  6. B

    Stage 1 kit + tongue converter ,what else?

    Hi guys thanks for all ur help. I bought the stock 1 kit. Next I am Ok I got to ride a friends mini with the stage one kit with a torque converter. I like it. 1. Stage 1 kit I got. 2. I bought some sprockets but they are not going to work 3. Going to order converter and new...
  7. Mrknobblies

    Stage 1 performance kit and pipe bending??

    Hey all, recently purchased a stage 1 performance kit and had a couple questions, ive installed a few of the items in the kit already but was wondering what the rod with the thread at both ends (pictured) was for? I couldn't seem to find it in the description. The other thing is the header pipe...
  8. J

    Benelli Volcano Tool Kit

    Hello. Lost the toolkit out of my Benelli Volcano. Anybody out there know the whereabouts of a replacement one? Jeremy
  9. J

    tool kit/ first aid supplies?

    Not sure if this was the right forum for this, but here goes. I assume most of you don't ride very far from home or camp. But some of you must visit the road less traveled? what is in your tool kit? What spare parts or supplies do you carry? And where/how do you carry it? I think I may add a...
  10. D

    Ct200u stage 2 kit - anyone try it?

    From OldMiniBikes warehouse Basically includes angled air filter Bored out stock carb (jet size and emulsion tube not mentioned) 1" header w/screw on muff Valve springs (doesn't state spring tension, guessing 18lb) Choke hold bracket if this is a worthy kit, I'd like it to work well with a tav clutch...
  11. Aircooled

    hydraulic brake kit for Motovox MBX10

    Hi guys, It's been awhile since I last posted, but I haven't lost interest. My question is... I'd like to improve the braking capability on my Motovox bike. The single mechanical brake just don't cut the muster, as most of you already know. I see that Hotrod minibike is out of stock on their...
  12. danford1

    Predator 212 Honda/Clone Throtle kit OldMiniBikes

    I have this kit. I'm going to attempt to install this on a Greyhound clone. I was looking at the parts and since there aren't any instructions with it, I'm confused. How does it go on? Does anyone have a picture showing...
  13. Sixpac440

    3D Motorsports Manual Clutch Kit .. $100 start, no reserve

    3D Motorsports Manual Clutch Kit Mini Bike Kart Drift Trike | eBay
  14. P

    New guy ready to buy mini bike kit

    Hi guys: I just got in to go karts now I want to build an old school mini bike from both old and new parts. I have engine and wheels and other parts already. Need to choose frame. What do you suggest ? I like El lobo more than a Azusa. I know the site is about old mini's but old...
  15. J

    Baja Blitz w/ 6.5 and Stage 1 Kit - What's next.

    Well I finally got the bike done(so far) with the 6.5 hemi predator, HRMB engine plate/hardware/clutch/chain kit, and OldMiniBikes Stage 1 Kit. Gets up goes quickly, can launch on my Kawasaki KD100M and get a healthy head start before it gets passed on the top end. This thing is a blast. Throttle...
  16. aranhawaii

    Where else can I get an engine upgrade kit?

    Really need this: But they are out of stock. Is there somewhere else that sells these online that I should check? I'm in a hurry and can't wait til OldMiniBikes Warehouse gets more.
  17. K

    OldMiniBikes warehouse clutch brake kit, $55 shipped.

    I have a new kit I decided not to use & figured I would sell it instead of trying to return it. New condition $55 shipped. Paypal gift or you pay the fees.
  18. 4

    1971 Arctic Cat Climber Complete Tool Kit

    My first attempt at posting on here. I recently picked up a 1971 Arctic Cat Climber from under a pine tree in Rimini, MT that had been sitting there for about the last 20 years. It's in surprisingly amazing condition considering how long it has been out. I should have it running by next...
  19. Tool Kit

    Tool Kit

  20. Tool Kit

    Tool Kit